You may only get a raise if you are a top performer

Get together with a group of friends right now and invariably, at some point, the conversation will turn to the economy. The price of gas, the cost of groceries, and the escalating price of housing are all pain points.

The US inflation rate eased slightly to 8.5% in July from June’s 40-year high of 9.1%, but costs remain high. The latest CPI report shows that whole milk is up 14.5%, cereals are up 16.8% and eggs are now 38% more expensive than they were in July 2021.

The result is that many people, even those with relatively high incomes, are feeling the pinch. When inflation rises and costs rise and wages stagnate, we have less to spend and workers will naturally look to move jobs.

It is one of the factors fueling what has been called “The Great Resignation.” A workforce survey of more than 2,600 mostly professional/office workers in the US by the Conference Board found that 29% of workers who left their organization during the pandemic are making more than 30% more money at their new company, fueling on fire.

Many of us are stressed, disengaged and exhausted from our current jobs. Maybe you’ve taken on more tasks or found that you’ve worked harder in the past couple of years. In fact, 83% of respondents to a workplace survey say they have taken on up to six new duties outside of their job description due to co-workers resigning.

Discuss compensation

Another approach to earning more money is to book a chat with your manager to discuss your performance and compensation. This sounds like a no-brainer: after all, if you’re taking on additional responsibilities, navigating hybrid or remote work with minimal supervision, and getting everything done, why don’t you deserve some extra money?

But be patient. While CEOs and CFOs know workers are struggling with affordability, only 28% of them plan to raise wages for all employees, according to a Gartner study released in August. Seventy percent of leaders surveyed said pay raises would only be given to top performers.

The survey highlighted that “employee performance will be a key factor in awarding wage increases to both salaried and hourly employees in response to cost-of-living increases from continued high levels of inflation.”

So if you want that raise and believe you deserve it, go to your meeting armed with the facts to support your case. And if you’re “quietly quitting” — disengaged, doing enough to get by, but no more — then maybe it’s time to look for a new job and a bigger salary.

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