World Laughter Day: Tips to turn your life around with laughter

Please smile! You must have heard this billions of times from life coaches, spiritual gurus, friends and family. However, know that this beautiful smile that you wear every day has a positive impact on your life. Like laughter. By practicing to keep the smile and laughter intact in their lives, they learn to remain in a state of peace, joy and gratitude. So, we ask a psychiatrist how we can add more laughter to our life. Do you want to know some simple life tips? Keep reading!

Health Shots contacted lead clinical psychologist, Dr. Kamna Chhibber, to understand ways to help you laugh more every day.

Try these tips to add laughter to your life.

Life is not easy to go through. However, with fits of loud laughter you can drive away all your problems. Here are some tips from an expert on how to laugh more.

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1. Take life a little lightly

Circumstances in life will try to test you, make you overreact or respond to situations that do not need your attention. The more serious we take life, the more difficult all tests will seem to pass. So to avoid that mental cost, you have to learn to take things a little lightly in life and let life and feelings pass through you. Never allow any incident to make a permanent nest in your mind, stealing your joy and happiness.

“Try not to personalize situations,” suggests the expert. If we start taking everything personally, we will tend to feel a heavy weight on our shoulders at all times. Be silly, be crazy and laugh more at life and your mistakes. You are meant to enjoy uncertainty and not take it too seriously.

2. Never lose sight of the fun at all times

“Never lose sight of the fun element in every moment,” says the expert. We are all blessed with the power to exercise free will in every situation in life. It is always up to us to see the light at all times and laugh at our nonsense. A simple positive change in our outlook can bring wonder and joy into our lives. Every serious moment in life can be viewed through the lens of joy, and you’ll find countless reasons to laugh more.

ways to help you laugh more
A little laughter a day keeps the cardiologist away. Laughing has innumerable health benefits for the body and mind. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Indulge in activities that bring a sense of joy

Dr. Chhibber recommends adding activities to your life that bring you a sense of joy and make you laugh. It can be something as simple as watching a comedy show every day, taking a walk around the block or walking his dog, and connecting with his closest friends who bring positivity into his life.

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4. Connect with the people you care about

The Expert Says: “Make efforts to connect with important people to share good times.” Make sure that, at the end of the day, you spend time with loved ones who matter to you. This invokes feelings of security, peace, and joy in their lives.

The last word

When things in your life try to get the best of you, try to follow these paths so that you never let your laughter fade. You will exude more vitality and people will naturally feel positively gravitated towards you. Remember, no matter what life throws your way, you can still commit to keeping the laughter and joy alive in your lives.

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