Uniform clothes are slowly taking over

What do you think it is about the Bumpsuit that has made it so popular?

I think I’m empowering women to look good and feel good and show off their bodies at such a special time in their lives. We are introducing and redefining a new maternity outfit. Definitely our fabric! People absolutely love it. When I was pregnant, I couldn’t find anything to wear that made me feel confident, comfortable and stylish at the same time. I also didn’t want to be wasteful and buy a lot of clothes that I would only wear once. I think so many women can relate to that feeling while they’re pregnant and their bodies are constantly changing and there’s so much discomfort. My goal was to create pieces that make women feel beautiful and sexy in fabrics and styles that they could wear throughout their pregnancy and beyond, which is why I think we’re getting such positive feedback from all over the world. I see every message, review and photo online and it’s the most incredible feeling to play a small part in helping so many look and feel better with wardrobe staples that can be worn pregnant or not.

How is your fabric so soft? Tell me about the process of finding it. What makes it so soft yet moldable?

It was important to me that all of our styles were comfortable, didn’t dig into our growing lady’s bump, and held their shape so they could be gently stretched and worn postpartum. Our fabric is a brushed jersey, with four-way stretch, making it very supple and soft. It took a lot of testing and research to ensure we had the perfect match for our collections. With our Essentials, we use a super soft four-way stretch fabric, and our new Summer Pops range features a lightweight, quick-drying fabric that’s amazing for sunny days.

Is it only for pregnant women?

No. It’s for ALL your ladies. Our styles are great for anyone and everyone. When I think about sustainability, this is a huge factor. You don’t need to buy maternity clothes for a short period in your life, which are thrown away — you can wear them at any stage of your life. They don’t have extra or loose material, so just follow our sizing guide and you’ll quickly find yourself adding all kinds of styles and shades to your wardrobe. You can see from our new website the same styles in paper thin to plus size and maternity models. They all wear the same size. That’s how flexible the fabric is, no pins, no tricks! I say ‘One jumpsuit a day’, because I really wear them for everything from working out to a girls night out. They are beautifully dressed and dressed and have an elevated, timeless feel.

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