Tyson Fury Vs. Anthony Joshua speaks on hold until next week

With Barry Holbrook: Promoter Frank Warren is reportedly putting talks between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua on hold due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Talks will resume next week.

It’s unclear what happened to Fury’s deadline last week that he set for Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs) to agree to the Nov. 26 or Dec. 3 dates, as well as the 60-40 and 50-50 splits for the rematch clause. AJ has to win.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) just trolls Joshua and the public with the deadline.

Obviously, with the way Fury was relentlessly pushing for the Joshua fight in desperate fashion, it was hard to take his deadline talk seriously. Fury needs this fight more than Joshua.

“Anthony and Tyson are doing everything they can to fight each other at some point before their careers are over. They always have, and always will. The British public and British fight fans deserve this fight to happen,” Adam Smith told Boxing UK on the Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua fight.

“Everyone was talking about the UK game after that. Boxing is a strange business. It was a great way for how Tyson went out. Not in a bombastic way. Somehow, he was quite reasonable and calm. Now he says it’s 60-40.

“He’s down to 258. he’s below Eddie [Hearn], George and Frank. It’s a race I’d love to come to. If there is a message for Eddie and for Frank and for Bob and for George. Make it happen in December because I would love to come and see Joshua and Tyson Fury go to battle.

“Either the 258 want to take it now, or they have different plans for AJ. Apparently, there are DAZN and BT difficulties. There is the money and the endless amounts of red tape. I think if you put Anthony and Tyson in a room, you might fight. I hope so. I can’t guarantee that.

“Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao should have fought five years ago. They should have had a trilogy until they fought. When they fought, it was very disappointing.

“It was a great rally and great to have them in the ring, but the way it worked out, it was a boring match. I’m really sad that they didn’t have three of them, and it’s a shame when they don’t make it,” Smith said.

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