Transfer to Spotify’s Planet Hip-Hop on Roblox

Spotify announces its latest music-themed portal on Spotify Island, Planet Hip-Hop, following the success of K-Park – a whimsical experience dedicated to the vibrant world of K-Pop – launched earlier in the year. Planet Hip-Hop is a digital destination that will connect fans of the genre to futuristic landscapes inspired by today’s contemporary hip-hop artists. Planet Hip-Hop inspires creative artist-fan interactions within the Roblox metaverse through music-inspired quests and unlockable content.

Planet Hip-Hop incorporates elements of the genre expressed through immersive cityscapes rendered with moody and cosmic iconography, where music, fashion and fandom collide. Accessible from the mainland of Spotify Island, users can explore a curated snack bar with hidden Easter eggs and customize their vehicles while traversing the island and collecting hearts. Doechii is the first hip-hop artist to be active on Spotify Island. Exciting activations, such as a virtual merchandise signing with the artist’s avatar and access to Doechii’s Swamp, will connect fans to Doechii’s Florida roots as players enter a fantastical landscape decorated with swamp moss, flooded floors and vines. As players get closer to the swamp princess herself, they can ‘convince’ Doechii to let them go through a series of questions, inspired by her hit single ‘Persuasive’. Planet Hip-Hop will also unveil a curated virtual trade store with exclusive parkour items, emotes and effects, which players can unlock by completing different missions along their journey. Available for purchase through the Roblox Store, users can download alligator boots, customizable hair accessories, and other items that reference iconic fashion moments throughout Doechii’s career.

The virtual experience celebrates the hip-hop genre and provides exciting opportunities to connect with favorite artists, collect unique digital artifacts, and embark on quests into other landscapes. To get you in the island spirit, the Spotify Island on Roblox playlist that comes with Spotify features dreamy, glossy beats, including songs by Imagine Dragons, BTS, Tame Impala, Willow, BLACKPINK, Justin Bieber and more.

Stay tuned for future programming and artist updates on the horizon, and learn more about Spotify Island on Roblox here.

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