Top tech stories of the week: September 16

This week, the tech world had a lot to share. Apple has been busy filling its shelves with its latest products and rolling out iOS 16 to iPhone 8 and later devices. Social media platforms continued to tease each other: Instagram began testing a new in-feed reposting feature similar to Twitter’s, and TikTok began experimenting with a new BeReal-style feature called TikTok Now. And in another way, we got an update on the status of Elon Musk’s tumultuous $44 billion Twitter deal.

Below, Hypebeast has rounded up the week’s top tech stories so you can stay up-to-date on industry trends.

Apple released iOS 16

On Monday, Apple introduced iOS 16, or what it calls its “biggest update to the lock screen,” for iPhone 8 and later models. Within the updated OS, users can now add a depth effect to their background and change the font or type style to display the time. Additionally, users can choose to display either one static image as a background, or they can select a new gallery mode that shuffles between multiple images.

Elsewhere, iOS 16 offers new widgets that streamline access to important information like alarms, time zones, calendar events, and more. and notifications now appear from the bottom of the screen. In iMessage, users can now sync content including movies and music via SharePlay, perfect for both work collaborations and casual activities.

Twitter shareholders vote in favor of Elon Musk’s $44 billion takeover

As Musk continues to try to exit the massive deal, a majority of Twitter shareholders on Tuesday approved a $44 billion takeover of the Tesla CEO. During their meeting, which reportedly lasted just seven minutes, shareholders approved two separate proposals.

The first proposal followed the merger agreement, under which Musk would buy Twitter as a private company. and the second proposal provided the framework for how Twitter executives would be compensated pending approval of the deal.

The company did not share the exact number of shareholders who voted in favor of the proposals, although it will disclose those figures at a later date.

Instagram has started testing a new reposting tool

People have long had the ability to share other users’ content on their Facebook and Twitter feeds, and it looks like Instagram is preparing to introduce its own version of the popular feature. Of course, users can already share other people’s content to their stories, but this latest test allows Instagram users to “recommend” content in their own feed, which is a first for the social media giant.

“We’re exploring the ability to repost posts to Feed — similar to how you can repost to Stories — so people can share what resonates with them and so the original creators get credit for their work,” he confirmed. representative of Meta. TechCrunch. “We plan to test it soon with a small number of people.”

Users will reportedly be able to reply to a repost with a message. Instagram has yet to confirm when or if the feature will roll out publicly.

Comcast Shared Plans to Bring 2Gbps Internet to the US

Comcast will soon roll out 2Gbps Internet in the United States and specifically in 34 cities before the end of this year. Initial destinations will include Augusta, Colorado Springs, Panama City Beach and Philadelphia, though the company notes that upload speeds will be limited to 200Mbps initially. Symmetric speeds will be available in 2023.

“We’re making our network even smarter and faster, which allows us to quickly deliver true multi-gig WiFi to tens of millions of businesses and residential consumers at an unprecedented rate,” said Comcast Cable President of Technology Charlie Herrin. “Whatever the application, whatever the future holds, our network and world-class whole-home Wi-Fi experience will be there and ready to power all of our customers’ connected experiences.”

The company said the project has been in the works for two years. The goal is to provide 2Gbps speeds to more than 50 million households by the end of 2025.

TikTok has started experimenting with a new BeReal-Style feature

TikTok Now, similar to BeReal, will ask users to post either a photo (from both the front and rear cameras) or a 10-second video for a limited time during a new test scheduled to to be executed in the “coming weeks”. In the US, the feature will be available on the flagship TikTok app, though other countries may get an entirely new app dedicated to the new tool.

While the popular video-sharing app is no stranger to other companies duping its original features, this test is one of TikTok’s first attempts to borrow a core idea from another platform. TikTok has yet to confirm whether the feature will be made permanent on the platform.

Apple’s latest iPhones and Apple Watches have been released worldwide

On Friday, Apple’s new iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE hit the shelves of the tech giant’s stores around the world.

Among the many product editions, the iPhone 14 Pro stands out, with Dynamic Island, a progressive design feature that works intuitively alongside a pill-shaped notch, as well as an Always-On display and a first time at 48 megapixels. CAMERA. Elsewhere, the Apple Watch Series 8 improves on the company’s flagship health and safety features, with a host of new technologies such as temperature-sensing capabilities, retrospective ovulation estimates, collision detection and international roaming.

Visit Apple’s website to shop the full list of products.

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