The Simpsons boss refers to Lisa’s queer future

The Simpsons hinting that Lisa might be queer for a while. Now, a new episode set in the future shows that Lisa ends up with not just one woman, but two.

Of course, episodes set in the future aren’t necessarily typical of the series (whatever is the norm for a show that’s remained mostly frozen in time for decades), and little Lisa has shown an interest in boys, too in the past, especially for Nelson Muntz.

So what’s going on? It’s something the show will regularize outside of these ‘what if?’ futures contracts?

President Lisa Simpson on


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Show boss Al Jean revealed that Lisa being queer on the show is a ‘possibility’, as he exclusively said Digital Spy: “In my opinion, and this is just my opinion, this is definitely a possibility for Lisa’s life. She’s open and, you know, someone who loves everything. Why not?”

Jean had also said that Lisa could be “multi-molecular” several years before she appeared with two female companions on the show. Then, he said to Subway: “I see Lisa as President and possibly very erotic.”

However, there don’t seem to be any plans to include Lisa as queer in the canon anytime soon, instead the series will explore various futures for the character.

Jean continued: “In an episode in the future, it’s actually her and Nelson, which is again, a bit of a leap! We have a show coming up where in the future Lisa can meet up with Nelson and it features Simu Liu by Shang Chi as Lisa’s husband.”

Lisa Simpson, The Simpsons

Twentieth century

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Lisa’s voice actor, Yeardly Smith, previously stated that he doesn’t think present-day Lisa will have a queer storyline, saying, “I’m totally open to the possibility of her exploring other ways of life… but she’s eight!”

Teasing about what is coming to the future of the show we can expect, Jean added that:We have two Halloween shows this year – our regular ones Treehouse [of Horror] and then a version of The, Stephen King’s book, this is a full episode. So there’s a lot of really exciting stuff.”

The Simpsons airs on Disney+ and airs on Sky Showcase and Channel 4.

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