The Mass Effect mod adds a mineral exchange so you can trade instead of crawling

If you don’t like the chilly deep-space atmosphere of Mass Effect 2’s minigame, where you launch probes at planets and watch your pile of iridium rise, there are other options. The One Probe All Resources (opens in new tab) The mod, as the name suggests, gives you every resource on a planet with a single detector. Or you could just cheat your engine into a huge inventory and never run out of item zero again. If none of that satisfies you, now there’s another way to escape by hearing the words “launch probe” about a hundred times.

Nos. Astra Mineral Exchange (opens in new tab) is a mod for Mass Effect Legendary Edition by beccatoria and Team Pyjak that allows you to trade resources and currency on a galactic exchange, buying and selling goods in exchange for or mining them. In addition to being a spaceship commander, hostage negotiator, and advertising representative, Shepard can now also be an investor.

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