Splatoon 3 launch patch adds photo mode and unlocks online multiplayer

Details of the Splatoon 3 launch patch have been revealed. The patch allows players to change the appearance of a certain character, unlock a new mode in the single-player campaign, and gain access to online modes.

Via Perfectly Nintendo, the patch makes some changes to Hero Mode, the game’s single-player campaign. Fair warning, this paragraph contains very light story spoilers (ie location names). So go ahead and skip it if you want to stay completely virgin. The update allows you to change the appearance of Cap’n Cuttlefish from the sketchbook to the Crater stage. If you’ve progressed beyond the Crater, you can return to it by examining the stuffed Zapfish in the camp and selecting “Remember the Crater”. You’ll have to play the game to find out exactly what the Crater is. The update also adds a photo mode to Hero mode, though it’s only available in certain regions.