Sky News apologizes for wrongly reporting royal crowd protest | Sky News

Sky News has apologized after one of its reporters mistakenly told viewers that a protest march following the killing of Chris Kaba, who was shot dead by a Metropolitan police officer on Monday, was instead a rally for the Queen’s death.

Protesters, including Campa’s family, demonstrated in central London after the unarmed 24-year-old was shot dead by a Met firearms officer in south London.

Kaba was traveling in an unregistered Audi when he was cornered by two police cars in Streatham Hill. He was shot once by a police officer while sitting in the car. He died in hospital on Tuesday.

The Independent Office for Policing Conduct has since opened a homicide investigation. Kamba’s family has asked that the officer involved be suspended while an investigation is conducted.

Helicopter footage showed a mass of people moving through Trafalgar Square in central London on Saturday afternoon. The television channel broadcast extensive live coverage of events at Balmoral, Windsor and Buckingham Palace two days after the Queen’s death.

Sarah-Jane Mee, who anchored the station’s coverage, said: “Look at it, look at the crowds of people coming down … going up the Mall, and what a walk there is.

“There are thousands of people on this route, it really is an incredible sight. They will walk up the mall, very slowly, meeting new friends along the way, talking about their journey here, their memories of the Queen, their wishes for the new King.”

Instead, the protest was about the Camp. Thousands of people, including Labor politicians Diane Abbott and Bel Ribeiro-Andy and musician Stormzy, took part, with some holding placards reading “Justice for Chris Campa” and “Black Lives Matter”, which seen in the Sky footage. Other protests took place in the days after Kamba’s murder, including at Brixton Police Station.

A Sky News spokesman apologized, as did Mee. She tweeted: “I made a mistake in the air. I misidentified the crowds in Trafalgar Square as some of the 1000’s heading to the Palace when at the time it was Chris Campa’s crowd.

“I would like to personally apologize to those involved. We cover its course and significance later today.”

A Sky News spokesman said: “We apologize for an error made earlier today which mistakenly identified aerial footage of a Chris Kaba protest march as a large gathering paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth. We’ve also issued an on-air correction to clarify the previously aired video.”

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