Queen Elizabeth’s last hours as a family fell on her deathbed

LONDON: It began with a brief but disturbing statement. Less than 48 hours after a frail but smiling Queen Elizabeth II was pictured appointing a new prime minister Liz Trussher doctors said they were “worried”.
An unprecedented medical report released by Buckingham Palace said the 96-year-old queen was under “medical supervision” but “remained comfortable” at her Scottish retreat, Balmoral Castle.
The announcement at 11:32 am. GMT sent shockwaves through parliament, where MPs had gathered to hear Truss announce a two-year freeze on energy bills.
A visual history of a queen who ruled the UK for 23,226 days
Within minutes, the office of the heir to the throne Prince Charles had announced that he and his wife Camilla, who were already staying at the Balmoral estate, had arrived at Balmoral Castle.
It is believed that the Queen’s daughter, Princess Anne, also arrived at Balmoral in time as she was also in Scotland.
Both are believed to have been at the Queen’s side when she died on Thursday afternoon.
Other members of the family, however, faced a long and ultimately unsuccessful excursion from London.
Second in line to the throne, Prince William. The Queen’s other two sons, Princes Andrew and Edward. and Edwards’ wife Sophie, who was particularly close to the monarch. arrived in a cold, gray Aberdeen on a special RAF plane in the late afternoon.
William, who has now become the heir apparent, then took the wheel of the car for the 80 km (50 mi) journey to Balmoral.
But by the time the grim-faced royals passed the gates of Balmoral shortly after 5:00pm, it was already too late.
About half an hour earlier, at 4:30 p.m., the Prime Minister had been informed that the Queen had died that afternoon.
Prince Harry, Charles’ second son, meanwhile, was still en route from London.
Initial announcements from the couple’s representative said that both he and his wife Meghan would travel to Balmoral.
In the end Harry made the journey alone and was still in the air when the official palace announcement was made to the world at 6.30pm.
He did not arrive at Balmoral until much later.
The BBC’s royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell speculated live on air that Meghan – who has made a series of damaging criticisms of the royal family – did not make the trip in the end, fearing “she might not have been given an awfully warm welcome”.
The palace statement said the Queen died “peacefully”, but in line with royal tradition gave no cause of death.
Sources told the Daily Mail newspaper there was “no chronic condition”.
The Queen has been taking on much less work in recent months, but on Tuesday she still met both outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson and incoming Prime Minister Liz Truss.
Sources told the daily that the Queen was in good spirits – despite her recent and well-documented “mobility problems” – but took a sudden turn for the worse on Wednesday night into Thursday.

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