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Media, Pennsylvania (September 12, 2022)– Genesis League Soccer, the flagship game of the new organization Genesis League Sports, today announced that in-game card packs will officially go on sale on October 18, 2022. The packs will contain cards, in the form of NFTs, that will represent a MLSPA player and his accompanying stats.

Each card will be usable in the game’s ecosystem in gameplay and in the marketplace when the game’s full release is released in early 2023. Players will be able to earn cryptocurrency for winning matches with the cards they own. The cards will then be able to be sold to other players in Genesis League Soccer’s in-game marketplace.

Genesis League Sports White Paper, also out today, details the organization’s long-term vision and Genesis League gaming titles as they aim to become the leader in Web 3.0 sports gaming. As a side game series from the creators and publishers of the world’s leading blockchain gaming company Splinterlands, a portion of the Genesis League Sports governance token, $GLX, will be broadcast to everyone who stakes $SPS on Splinterlands when the $GLX token goes live. All $SPS players on the day of the airdrop will receive $GLX tokens according to their dispositions as described in the whitepaper.

CEO Jesse “Aggroed” Reich believes that “Genesis League Sports is the next step in bringing sports gaming to the Web 3.0 and will prove to be a milestone for the permanent presence of blockchain technology in the future of mainstream gaming.”

“This is such an exciting time for Web 3.0,” he continued. “We are happy to offer so much to our stream [Splinterlands] community as we take this next step in sports gaming, and we look forward to welcoming an expansive new community of sports fans.”

Genesis League Soccer is published in partnership with the Major League Soccer Player Association. More information can be found at

About Genesis League Sports:

Genesis League Sports is the new and growing Web 3.0 gaming platform created by the developers of the world’s leading blockchain fantasy game, Splinterlands. With further sports partnerships forthcoming, the platform plans to offer groundbreaking interoperability between its various sports games through its common token, GLX.

Genesis League Soccer, its current flagship game, is a Splinterlands collaboration with the Major League Soccer Player Association and will intentionally seek to serve a Web 2.0 audience, pioneering the seamless application of blockchain technology to the mainstream gaming industry. More information can be found at

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