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Inflation fears continue to rise in the US The US Federal Reserve has raised interest rates to combat the ever-increasing CPI (Consumer Price Index) which hit a recent record high of over 9% last June. This pushed consumer prices to their highest levels since late 1979.

Recent weakness in food and energy prices contributed to the decline in the CPI, which was last reported at 8.5% in July. Better but not great inflation news.

The spread between the two-year bond yield and the ten-year bond yield continued to reverse. A recession may be looming regardless of future Fed policy.

Gold Prices Find Support

Gold (GLD) prices again maintained significant support in the $157 area.

Shares reached oversold conditions on a 9-day RSI basis before strengthening. The MACD was also oversold and then moved higher. Bollinger’s B rate was briefly negative but has since regained positive territory. GLD is trading at a deep discount to its 20-day moving average.

The previous four times this happened marked significant near-term lows in GLD, as highlighted in aqua on the chart. A move back above the 20-day moving average seems the most likely outcome.

It will be interesting to see if the recent rally in GLD makes sense or if it pulls back to retest support.

Investing in gold as an inflation hedge seems like a bogus exercise at best. The fact that gold peaked in March 2022 just before the Fed began raising interest rates in earnest removes much of the inflation-fighting concern for holding gold.

Instead of gold, consider using the power of POWR options to increase your overall returns.

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Shares of GLD closed at $159.82 on Friday, up $0.84 (+0.53%). Year-to-date, GLD is down -6.52%, versus a -13.76% gain in the benchmark S&P 500 over the same period.

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