It’s a good time to be a goth in Magic: The Gathering

One of the best new cards in Dominaria United is actually an old one. It’s the return of Liliana Vess, the dark lady of Magic: The Gathering. A necromancy-turned-healer who wears a cursed veil, makes deals with demons, and looks like she knows all the lyrics to Nemesis by Shriekback (opens in new tab), Liliana Vess is so goth she pops bats. I mean, her name is an anagram of “a badness” for goodness sake.

Liliana has appeared in various guises on different Magic cards over the years, most recently appearing in the Strixhaven university set as a professor of death magic. The Innistrad set introduced a particularly memorable incarnation of her in 2011, and it’s what Dominaria United reprints: Liliana of the Veil, a planeswalker that makes players sacrifice creatures in play and discard cards from their hand. It removes a call that you have played and then reduces the chance that you can replace it. Which is just bad.

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