Intel and Broadcom introduce new generation Wi-Fi 7 products

Wi-Fi 6 and especially 6E products are still finding their feet in the consumer market, but wait! This is where Wi-Fi 7 comes in. Intel and Broadcom recently held a demo (opens in new tab) of Wi-Fi 7 (aka 802.11be) demonstrating functional interoperability between an Intel laptop and a Broadcom access point. Speeds of 5 Gbps were shown. Despite not being officially certified, it shows that Wi-Fi 7 development is at an advanced stage.

Wi-Fi 7 is being developed as the next generation of wireless networking. It’s faster, as you’d expect, delivering speed increases of five times that of Wi-Fi 6 or 2.5 times that of Wi-Fi 6E, and possibly more as the ecosystem matures.

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