Intel 13th Gen 13600 and below will be based on the older Alder Lake architecture

A few days ago, I said how excited I was about the upcoming Intel Core i5 13400 (opens in new tab). The addition of E cores is definitely the biggest improvement over our favorite budget CPU, the i5 12400 (opens in new tab)but there is some new information that makes me put an asterisk next to the word excited.

According to leaked slides from Igor’s Lab (opens in new tab) (via (opens in new tab)) non-K i5 chips will not be based on the Raptor Lake architecture, but instead will be based on the existing 12th generation Alder Lake with Golden Cove P cores. This means that the 13400, 13500 and 13600 will miss out on the key Cypress Cove P improvements that come with Raptor Lake, including cache size increases.

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