Home and Away’s Justin Morgan betrays Leah with new money scheme

Home and Away spoilers for UK viewers follow.

Summer Bay’s hot music act Lyric look set to cool down as the band’s financial situation worsens. When the band has to cancel their upcoming concerts, Justin has an idea that might help their situation… or just make it worse.

When Theo tells Justin that they have to do all their gigs as they have no way to transport themselves or their equipment to the locations, Justin realizes that he has an opportunity to make (what he thinks is) a sound business investment .

Justin tells the group that he has an idea that will help them, but first he needs to talk to Leah about dipping into their joint savings.

Justin Morgan and Thiopoulos home and away

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However, Justin does not tell Leah that he needs the money for the band, instead saying that he will invest the money in marketing to generate more business for the garage.

Impressed that she wants to use the money for something so sensible, Leah happily gives her approval. However, her suspicions are soon raised when Justin tries to get out of letting Leah help create the marketing plans.

Justin wastes no time getting his hands on a van and arrives at rehearsals to deliver the good news himself.

Kirby and Theo are so excited by the good news that they share a kiss. Unfortunately for Justin, they also tell Leah what Justin did and she is furious as she realizes he lied to her.

Justin Morgan and Leah Patterson home and away

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Unable to hide her anger, Leah confronts Justin and makes it clear how disappointed she is with him.

A wily Justin tries to talk himself out of it as he claims his marketing plan was to put a sponsored ad on the side of the van to promote the garage.

However, Leah is unconvinced and tells Justin that he is wrong to be a part of Theo’s musical dreams at the expense of himself – but will he listen to her?

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