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Home and Away spoilers for UK viewers follow.

Home and AwayNikau Parata is left heartbroken on UK screens next week as he faces the risk of losing his job as a lifeguard.

Nikau’s position as Summer Bay’s paid lifeguard is in jeopardy after his involvement in the recent arrest of a biker gang.

In the upcoming episodes on Channel 5, Tex Wheeler and his criminal partners all face court after the police plan to crush the dangerous gang.

Tex and the others are remanded in custody ahead of their trial – and it’s not long before the case hits the front pages of the local paper.

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Nikau features prominently in the press report due to his lifeguard position, while his uncle Tane is also scrutinized due to his role running the local gym.

Although the Paratas were only involved because Tane was secretly helping the police, Rose Delaney warns that they can’t risk killing their cover until the trial is over.

This means that Nikau and Tane must both remain silent while facing public condemnation for their associations with criminals, even though deep down they know they have done nothing wrong.

John Palmer is quick to warn Nikau that the surf club committee is reconsidering his lifeguard position.

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Nikau begs John to trust him as all is not as it seems, but there isn’t much John can do without knowing the exact details.

Before long, John informs Nikau that the surf club committee has voted to remove the lifeguard position.

Nikau talks to Tane about this, pointing out that he is losing his dream job through no fault of his own.

Thane takes matters into his own hands telling John that he was the one who got caught with the bikes and Nikau was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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John points out that Thane could lose his lease on the gym if he goes down, but Thane is adamant that it’s the right thing to do.

Things improve for Nikau when the committee gives him a lifeline, but will there be repercussions for Tane?

Home and Away shows these scenes on Tuesday 20 September and Wednesday 21 September at 1.45pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR. The first look shows air at 6.30 pm. on 5STAR and the show also airs on My5.

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