Here’s everything that was revealed at tonight’s ID@Xbox show

It’s expo week, it seems, and after Nintendo and Sony’s efforts last night, Microsoft took their own turn today with another of ID@Xbox’s mostly indie-focused digital expos. And if you missed his typically tortuous revelations, you can see everything they show, much more succinctly, below.


Eville is a social multiplayer subtraction game from developer VestGames coming October 11 to Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Game Pass. It sees up to 13 players work together – or otherwise – to uncover the Conspirators hiding in a village overrun with murder. Those playing as Villagers must root out suspects during the day, while those in the role of Conspirators can decide who gets hit after nightfall.

Evile – Official Trailer for Xbox Game Pass.

Born of bread

Developer WildArts’ lighthearted adventure Born of Bread serves up a mix of Paper Mario-like exploration and turn-based combat in which players – in the role of flour – must travel the world, from the mysterious ruins of the Forest of Roots to the bustling metropolis of South Munch City, in order to save it from chaos. They all look pretty adorable and will be coming to Xbox and PC at some currently unspecified future date.

Born of Bread: Standalone Demo Trailer.

Homestead Arcana

Homestead Arcana is yet another entry in the increasingly overcrowded farming sim genre, but this one – from developer Serenity Forge – aims to shake things up by giving proceedings a more magical twist. Players take on the role of a peasant witch who pioneers, cultivates and crafts spells to restore a corrupt kingdom besieged by a force known as Miasma. Coming to Xbox and PC – plus Game Pass on Day 1 – sometime next year.

Homestead Arcana – Announce Trailer.

And more from Skybound…

Homestead Arcana is one of four games from publisher Skybound confirmed to be coming to Game Pass, along with ’90s-inspired Big Con, puzzle-platformer Rainbow Billy, and The Walking Dead: The Final Season Telltale Games to participate in the service “this year.”.

Skybound Games – 2022 Game Pass Showcase.

Iron song 2

Song of Iron 2 is the second installment in developer Resting Relic’s action-adventure series and promises plenty of “gutsy, merciless, run-and-gun melee combat” as players navigate a dark fantasy landscape to unite the tribes of the area and prepare for the coming war. There’s no release date for this yet, but expect more details in due course.

Song of Iron 2 – Trailer Announcement!.

Turnip Boy robs a bank

Turnip Boy Robs a Bank, the sequel to Graffiti Games’ Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion (which Eurogamer’s Christian Donlan thoroughly enjoyed when he played it earlier this year), sees the revered root vegetable team up with the fearsome Pickled Gang to organize the “weirdest heist ever”. Coming to Xbox, PC and Game Pass sometime next year.

Turnip Boy Robs a Bank Trailer Reveal.

Let’s cook together 2

Developer Yellow Dot’s Let’s Cook Together 2 is bringing another installment of culinary co-op to PC and Xbox this fall, this time pitting players against a dystopian food government known as Nutri Inc.

Let’s Cook Together – Official Trailer.

Call of the Wild: The Angler

Call of the Wild: The Angler (from Expansive Worlds, the developer behind Hunter: Call of the Wild) does exactly what you’d expect – giving players the tools they need to start some serious fishing as they roam a vast open-world in search of the perfect fishing spot on their journey to becoming a master fisherman. This is out now on PC.

Call of the Wild: The Angler – Release Trailer.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed, from Predator: Hunting Grounds developer IllFonic, is an asymmetric multiplayer game that gives four players the chance to attach proton packs and hunt spectral nuisances controlled by a fifth player. There are cosmetics and upgrades to unlock, online and local play is supported, and there’s even an AI-based solo mode. This will be released on Xbox, PC and Game Pass on October 18th.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed – Announce Trailer.


If you want spiders with laser swords, look no further than SpiderHeck – a “fast-paced co-op brawler” that combines frantic parkour and chaotic combat as players, either alone or in teams, battle to be the champion of the SpiderHeck arena. Along with PvP, there will be a wave-based solo PvE and multiplayer mode when SpiderHeck launches on Xbox and PC on September 22nd.

SpiderHeck – Announcement Trailer.

City skylines: Squares and promenades

The expansion of Cities Skylines Plazas and Promenades is surprising today. This, the 11th major expansion for developer Colossal Order’s acclaimed city builder, brings a new focus on pedestrianism to the game, giving budding city planners the tools they need to add pedestrian-only sidewalks, crosswalks, and zone-specific policies.

Cities: Skylines Plazas and Promenades – Trailer Announcement.

Shoulders of Giants

Shoulders of Giants is a “rogue-like sci-fi blaster” in which a sword-wielding robot and space frog are launched into a randomly generated landscape – combining hand-drawn level design with procedural generation – in an attempt to restore “life and light in the broken worlds”. It features co-op for up to four players and a “best friend” mode that will allow one player to control the frog and another to control the robot. Coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S “later this year”.

Shoulders of Giants – Beta Announcement.

Metal: Hellsinger

Musical shooter Metal: Hellsinger is an absolute gamer, having just earned the Featured badge on this site. “A lean and tightly restrained mash-up of more than just Rock Band and Doom,” is how Chris Tapsell put it in his review, and you’ll be able to walk through its carnage when it’s released tomorrow, September 15. , on Xbox, PC and Game Pass.

Metal Hellsinger – Launch Trailer.


Moonscars is a grim action-adventure from developer Black Mermaid, set in an “unforgiving, non-linear 2D world”. It casts players as a fierce clay warrior known as Gray Irma on a quest to track down the mysterious Sculptor – a journey that takes the form of a Souls-like Metroidvania. It will be available on Xbox, PC and Game Pass from September 27th.

Moonscars – Release Date Trailer.

You’re bad in the parking lot

A “racing game where your goal is to stop”, You Suck at Parking’s 100 increasingly difficult levels challenge players to groom the fields and stop in a small parking spot as quickly as possible. It’s playable single-player and multiplayer, with global leaderboards for those who want to strive for parking supremacy, and developer Happy Volcano says it will “continually grow [and] always expanding,” with new cars, biomes, customization options, and even a level editor that promises the future. Out today on Xbox, PC, and Game Pass.

You Suck at Parking – Xbox Game Pass release date reveal trailer.

Amazing farming simulator

If you’ve ever lost hours in the likes of Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress, you might want to check out Developer GSQ Games’ Amazing Cultivation Simulator – a strategy sim/management game inspired by Chinese mythology. The goal is to rebuild your sect and train new disciples – researching magic and collecting secret items along the way – as you continue your path to spiritual ascension. It’s been out for a while now on PC, but it’s coming to PC Game Pass today.

Amazing Cultivation Simulator – Trailer PC Game Pass.


For something much more minimalistic, there’s Ynglet – a “floating non-platformer” with a “highly reactive and dynamic soundtrack”. It’s out now on Xbox.

Ynglet – Out now on Xbox.


And finally, Coffee Stain Studios’ wildly popular Viking survival adventure Valheim now has an arrival date on PC Game Pass. He will join the service on September 29.

Valheim – Coming to Game Pass.

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