Grey’s Anatomy’s Scott Speedman reveals if he would return to You s4

YouJoe’s main character has left many corpses in his wake, moving from place to place to cover his tracks. But it can’t last forever, and it would be quite poetic if some of the people he met (who didn’t meet a horrible end) were involved in his eventual downfall.

While this may happen, Grey’s Anatomy star Scott Speedman — whose character Matthew Engler appeared on You season 3 and lived to tell the tale — not sure he’ll be asked back.

you season 3 Scott Speedman as Matthew Engler


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Speaking exclusively to Digital spy for his role opposite The Lord of the Rings stars Viggo Mortensen and James Bond’s Léa Seydoux in David Cronenberg’s newest film Crimes of the futureSpeedman explained that it’s a nice idea, but he’s not sure it would come true.

“Look, I’ve done a lot of TV,” he said. “I really enjoyed my time doing You. If they ever wanted me to do something, I would be more than happy.

“But I think this season has already happened. They are filming [the upcoming fourth] season in Paris. So, no, I haven’t received a call.

“But who knows? Down the road, if that character comes back — he’s still there. I would in a heartbeat. I loved doing that show.”

Scott Spedman, Crimes of the Future Premiere

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Its fourth season You it will also introduce new characters such as Kate, played by Charlotte Ritchie. She was spotted kissing lead actor Penn Badgley in a photo on set while filming series four, but according to the actress, it’s not a simple romance.

“They are not with each other,” he said. “That’s a much later development in their story. But basically she’s extremely suspicious of him and really doesn’t like him at first.

Crimes of the future is now in UK cinemas. You is now available to stream on Netflix.

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