Gogglebox’s Malone family explain why they are missing this season

Gogglebox The Malones’ faves are too busy riding Disneyland’s roller coasters to judge TV shows, it seems.

On Taking to Instagram last weekend, dad Tom Snr took over wife Julie’s account to deal with their absence from the sofa on the show, which has been entertaining us since 2014.

“Here we are, on vacation,” she told the camera, with Julie, son Sean and daughter Vanessa smiling in the background. “Jesus Christ I don’t feel like one with all this much, I can tell you that!

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“We’re in Florida, so we’re not there for the first two shows? From Friday [September 9].”

Ever the funny man, Tom went on to point out: “We’re here obviously – as you can tell behind us the Menai Bridge, we’re in Anglesey. You know… it’s a bit of a drive but we’ll do our best.”

It goes without saying, but still, this is the EPCOT ball he’s referring to.

“I thought it was Blackpool Tower?” shot back a sarcastic Julie, which made Tom comically doubt himself for a second and check his surroundings again.

“I’m fixing… Blackpool Tower. See you in a few weeks. Enjoy the show, it’s starting without us, but we’ll be back soon.”

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Even though this whole piece was spontaneous, Tom’s explanation of the family’s latest Gogglebox The no-show was appreciated by fans.

“Can’t wait to see you”, “Super excited to be back” and “Thanks aunty!! Last night we were panicking that you won’t be in this anymore…” read three relieved comments.

Another pair of Malone fans wrote: “It won’t be the same without you and that fantastic dessert plate you always have looking right at us” and “Thanks for clearing this up! I’ve been wondering!”

Gogglebox airs Friday nights at 9pm on Channel 4.

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