GIFs in Microsoft Teams aren’t just annoying, they’re actively dangerous

Almost every workplace conversation has a person who fancies themselves a bit of a GIF lord. If you’re lucky, your workplace might actually have one. Someone who nails the perfect response GIF every time, brightening your day and the days of everyone else on the channel. More than likely, you have someone who replies to everything with weirdly obnoxious GIFs and considers it their life’s crusade to check the pronunciation of the format.

Well, regardless of legendary status, it’s time to shine a wary glow on these happy fellow GIFs. Bleeping calculator (opens in new tab) tells of an exploit in Microsoft Teams that uses GIFs to potentially install malicious files, execute commands, and even extract data through these fun animations. Yeah, that random and totally weird reaction GIF that Blimothy posted last week doesn’t seem so harmless now, does it.

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