Gamefam In-game activations for brands in the Metaverse

Roblox is one of the most popular virtual platforms today, loved by gamers, creators and brands. More than 54 million subscribers are connected Roblox every day to play games, interact with other users or simply explore its vast vast universe.

RobloxIts appeal extends not only to gamers but also to creators. Developers want to use the platform to produce games, host concerts, create purchasable virtual goods, and more. These experiential activations attract big brands who want to be a part of it Roblox world. Nike, Gucci, Vans, Chipotle, SEGA, Sony Music, Kellogg’s and the NFL, to name a few, have released gaming experiences on the platform to market products or simply improve their exposure to new customers . Even music artists like Lil Nas X, David Guetta, The Chainsmokers, Ava Max and 24KGoldn have had virtual concerts on Robloxattracting millions of participants who want to experience the music of their favorite artists in a new light.

“You can’t deny the creative power of thousands of citizen creators on the platform, who create content out of passion,” added Ferencz. “These creators will change the world of gaming and entertainment.”

This thriving virtual ecosystem consists of Roblox, its users and big brands are evolving rapidly, but what does this all mean for the metaverse’s seemingly limitless potential? Hypebeast spoke with Gamefam to better understand their vision to make the gaming metaverse the next frontier for brand engagement. “Roblox, is the metaverse here and now,” according to Gamefam CEO Joe Ferencz. “This is where Gen Z and Alpha hang out with friends like previous generations hung out at the mall.”

But unlike the mall, the metaverse is not only a place for customers but also for creators who want to tap into Robloxits tools for creating experiences like concerts and playable content. This is where brands and developers fit into the picture as they find ways to deliver authentic activations to millions of people who will repeatedly engage and spend within the experience.

“You can’t deny the creative power of thousands of citizen creators on the platform, who create content out of passion,” added Ferencz. “These creators will change the world of gaming and entertainment.”

For those unfamiliar, Gamefam is the leading game developer and publisher in the metaverse, connecting creators, brands and pop culture with the largest online communities like Roblox. “Our team has built a large portfolio of original games and also works directly with brands to create and design some of the most successful games on the platform,” states Ferencz. “We leverage our years of experience in the gaming industry, building great brands and the inherent knowledge of our developers, many of whom started as citizen creators on the platform (Roblox), to deliver what players want while bringing to life the vision brands have for themselves on the platform and making them relevant to the community.”

“Like any great partnership, success at Roblox comes from a deep understanding of what users want and the creative ability to bring it to life.”

In terms of relevance and success, RobloxIts premium branded experience is the very popular one Sonic Speed ​​Simulator, which Gamefam brought to the platform in collaboration with SEGA. The game has been played more than 450 million times in just 3 months and is a favorite among 1.4 million users. This is an example of how Gamefam creates a “substantial presence” for brands on the platform and differentiates itself from the competition based on their approach and access to real-time data and analytics – RoMonitor, its sister company Gamefam is the leading third-party analytics platform that measures the success of games and experiences Roblox.

So how can hits like Gamefam’s Sonic Speed ​​​​Simulator be copied for other brands? “Like any great partnership, success at Roblox comes from a deep understanding of what users want and the creative ability to bring it to life,” Ferencz states. He also points out that there are three keys to success for brands on the platform. One is mapping out a clear goal, whether the goal is simply exposure to a large audience, PR value from the partnership, or building a scalable, monetized gaming product.

The second part is about brands being authentic.”Roblox it’s about the community, and it’s important to value and respect those communities, listen to them, and then speak the vernacular of the platform in both aesthetics and engineering,” he adds.

The final piece on brands that succeed Roblox it delivers value, “especially to players and the community – whether it’s a really fun game or an exclusive virtual merchandise that players are looking for,” says Ferencz.

Roblox it has a huge installed base of users and other metaverse platforms are also building a very large audience.”

Gamefam also has deep expertise in developing specialists Roblox events such as concerts. This is one area where it is important for developers to continue to push the boundaries to make their events stand out as more and more brands and personalities join the platform. A prime example of this was Gamefam’s partnership with Sony Music and 24KGoldn. It’s the highest-rated concert ever on Roblox, reaching over 12 million fans, including +100,000 players watching the first show simultaneously. The concept really went outside the box with a story that had 24kGoldn facing off against his evil doppelgänger in a race to find the “golden” mic. Interactivity was a big part of the release with fans traveling through 24kGoldn’s city while watching his avatar. Additionally, participants participated in missions to receive badges in exchange for prizes, virtual merchandise, and limited edition emotes. Here, you have music elements, gameplay interaction, prizes, a story, a performer and the highest production value on the platform.

Gamefam has also performed immersive integrations for properties such as Dr. Strange and Paws of Furydates back to film releases and has worked with companies such as Mattel, Disney, Paramount and Netflix for successful brand integration experiences that have reached millions of players.

There is clearly an advantage for brands to be part of a meta-universe like e.g Roblox. “Roblox it has a huge installed base of users, and other metaverse platforms also build very large audiences,” says Ferencz.

“Brands that aspire to be successful and relevant to Gen Z and Alpha need to show up where their customers are. The meta universe unlocks the potential for brands to deliver the consumer engagement of experiential marketing with the scale of digital marketing. It’s the next frontier in marketing – not having a meaningful, authentic presence in the metaverse today is like not having a website 15 years ago or not having a social media presence. It is absolutely necessary,” he says.

After all, the meta game is still in its infancy, but development is moving at a rapid pace. The race is literally on for well-known global brands to be part of the movement whether in the technology, entertainment, luxury or sports sectors. Aligning them with platforms like Roblox and developers like Gamefam will undoubtedly be key to unlocking the potential of the metaverse for everyone.

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