First look at This Is Us star in new Christmas horror flick

A first look at This is who we are Chrissy Metz stars in the upcoming Christmas horror film A creature was stirring has been released.

Well Go USA Entertainment has acquired worldwide rights to the film, which also stars Annalize Basso (Snowpiercer), Scout Taylor-Compton (Carnival) and Connor Paolo (gossip Girl).

The first photo was released on the company’s official Twitter page and shows a bloodied Mets holding a Steve Harrington-style baseball bat with studs in it.

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According DeadlineMetz plays Faith, a nurse and the character’s overprotective mother to Basso’s teenage daughter.

Faith keeps her daughter “locked in her room and on constant injections of methadone – the only way to maintain a delicately balanced state of fever that keeps a mysterious affliction at bay.”

However, when strangers played by Taylor-Compton and Paolo break into their home during a snowstorm, they “quickly discover that this mother-daughter relationship stretches the boundaries of both dysfunction and reality, and that the women harbor a terrible secret – specifically, the presence of a malevolent hostess who won’t be content to linger in the shadows much longer.”

Damien LeVeck will direct the film from a script by newcomer Shannon Wells.

Chrissy Metz, Oscar 2020

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“For fans of the genre, this movie has it all: a spectacular practical monster, unexpected twists and the amazing talent of Chrissy Metz in a kind of performance that no one has ever seen before,” said LeVeck.

“All of these elements are further enhanced by the incredible abilities of Annalize, Scout and Connor, who are already much-loved mainstays of the horror community.”

He continued: “Horror fans in particular will be delighted by the homage paid to classic creature features, particularly the use of only practical effects to bring this nightmarish vision to life on screen.”

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