Firm up flabby thighs and lose abdominal fat with these 3 exercises

Weight loss is a strange game. When you lose the extra weight, you may find yourself dealing with the dilemma of loose skin on different parts of the body. That is why the importance of including toning exercises cannot be overlooked. Yes, you can not only get rid of those extra pounds in the thighs, abdomen and the body in general with exercises, but you can also add a diet plan.

Yoga instructor Juhi Kapoor recently shared a video on social media highlighting three important exercises that can be included in a sagging skin, fat burning, and muscle toning fitness regimen. Are you curious about the exercises? Let’s dive in!

Losing belly fat is an important part of losing weight! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

1. Walk through Malasaña

“The Malasana walk focuses on the hips and thighs. It also strengthens ankles and knees. But avoid it if you have knee pain”, shares the expert.

How to do a Malaysian walk?

1. Start by keeping your spine straight.
2. Push yourself down moving your butt toward the floor and your shoulders relaxed about ear-width apart.
3. Start walking back and forth while staying in this asana.
4. You can do 5 rounds of this (45 seconds each round).

2. Plank

Plank strengthens the core region and tones the muscles around it. It also gives your body a healthy posture, provides balance and coordination, improves flexibility and metabolism, and improves mental well-being. Plank pose engages a large group of muscles throughout the entire body. The forearm plank is an advanced version of the regular shoulder plank.

Avoid doing planks if you are pregnant or on your period.

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How to perform a forearm plank pose?

1. Lie on your stomach on a mat.
2. Keep your feet less than hip-width apart and flex them so that your toes touch the mat.
3. Instead of palms, press your entire forearm into the floor and lift your body off the mat.
4. Balance all of your weight between your toes and forearms. Be sure to correctly position your elbows just below your shoulders. You can join the palms of your hands or keep them parallel to each other.
5. As for a high board, make sure your body forms a straight line. Activate your abdominal muscles and prevent your butt from sagging. Also, don’t forget to keep your head neutral or you risk injuring your neck.
6. Hold the position for at least a minute to start.

thigh fat and belly fat
Planks are the perfect exercise to strengthen the core. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

3. Goddess pose

The Goddess pose helps to target the inner thighs and quads. This pose strengthens the lower body and opens the hips. Avoid this in case of knee pain.

How to perform the goddess pose?

1. Stand with your feet wide apart and turn your heels in and toes out at a 45-degree angle.
2. Lower your body until your thighs are almost parallel to the floor.
3. Move your tailbone down and press your hips forward.
4. Raise your arms to your sides to shoulder height and bend your arms to 90 degrees with your palms facing forward.
5. Inhale deeply and exhale completely.
6. Perform 3 rounds (60 seconds each round) of it.

Try these exercises regularly and see the difference for yourself! Don’t forget to eat right and practice other healthy habits in daily life for the sake of your health.

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