FAMEEX: A Crypto Converter Tailored For Quantitative Futures Enthusiasts

The hype around DeFi, GameFi, NFT and blockchain shows us that the world of web3.0 is moving fast. The cryptosphere boomed with the entry of institutional capital that made what was once a geek investment more trendy and popular. Huge returns made capital even more motivated to chase profits. These gains have become elusive in the bear market. The high degree of market control by whales, quantitative hedging between trading bots and various financial management tools have made steady and continuous profits an overblown hope for many owners.

The leading exchanges have become protectionist, trying to repackage market manipulation as financial innovation, which hurts small investors. Medium-sized exchanges choose a more aggressive entry policy, with a low entry threshold and high subsequent control, work with the project team to jointly control the contract price. Declining crypto liquidity in the bear market has caused fee revenues to drop. They hope to conspire with the project team to manipulate the asset price and harvest money that traders invest. This has become the main means to survive after the rapid expansion.

The difficulty of profitable trades increases gradually. The Quantitative arbitrage team led by SBF takes full advantage of their available funds and strategies to continuously erode the funds of others in the market. Investors are outraged and are raising doubts about the crypto market. Why has trading become so complicated? What should retail investors do?

Created for professional Quantitative Futures trading enthusiasts, FAMEEX cryptocurrency trading platform has been a game changer in the recent bear market.

In the context of the current slowdown in the cryptocurrency market and the difficulty in generating profits, FAMEEX strives to become a leader in the field of quantitative exchange tools.

Providing a user-friendly experience for common users is the ultimate goal of this exchange. Backed by a strong international financial group, FAMEEX contrasts with existing competition by focusing only on crypto trading, combining traditional financial tools with crypto, and jointly developing AI quant tools with leading global fintech teams. When crypto investors face a market manipulated by professional liquidity robots, they can diversify and hedge risks without being at a disadvantage.

FAMEEX provides unique AI grid tools and one-click Martingale strategy integrated into the trading platform so that every crypto investor is no longer trapped by the learning curve of quant trading, they can easily find the most suitable trading strategy for the conditions of the market and use AI technology to evolve their strategy into a long-term passive income tool. Long-term positive returns by creating investment rules that are beneficial to them, and then investors can turn trades into high-probability profitable plays.

FAMEEX is eager to become the first quantitative stop for crypto investment enthusiasts. Focused on trading and dedicated to producing products to the extreme, FAMEEX Exchange, which is specially designed for trading enthusiasts, creates a new revolution in the crypto world.

FAMEEX is anti-gambling as the platform lowers Leverage Limits and embraces moderation.

The main difference between trading and gambling is that trading is a learnable skill, while gambling is mostly based on luck. With trading, you can use different strategies to try to make a profit, while with gambling you rely mostly on luck. Crypto markets are volatile, with extreme leverage there is no difference between trading and gambling. The risk of market manipulation and social harm caused by high leverage have made the crypto market subject to strict regulation. In 2021, FAMEEX exited many non-compliant markets and focused on reducing futures leverage, holding multinational regulatory licenses and cooperating with regulatory authorities. FAMEEX has also made investments in compliance-related technologies and accepted local supervision to cover compliance worldwide.

FAMEEX offers futures trading as a platform committed to providing users with rational compliance processes. The liquidation volume of the FAMEEX platform has always been at the lowest levels compared to other exchanges during market upheavals. To attract more professional traders, FAMEEX will grow together with crypto investors and the cryptocurrency market in general for global users.

With highly innovative options products, FAMEEX provides professional traders with more arbitrage opportunities. The wealth creation effect of the crypto industry has always been one of the poles of attraction for investors around the world. Your profession in trading can make you money and FAMEEX Options products are the perfect tool for professional traders.

FAMEEX options with 3-minute settlement and fast capital turnover make short-term trading a promising prospect with no profit cap. An 80% market protection mechanism has been implemented in the core layer to prevent whales from monopolizing the market, truly providing a professional, safe and fair financial leverage tool for traders.

Due to strict compliance procedures, long-term investors are willing to store digital assets on FAMEEX with peace of mind. With this professionalism, more quant traders choose to use FAMEEX quant tools. Because of its focus, FAMEEX has always tried to simplify and improve its financial tools. In addition, FAMEEX has launched a global promotion and registration event, enjoy VIP treatment when you register. There is also a 1000 USDT gift pack for a limited time only. 100% of winnings and 100% of processing fee will be returned. Click to register now: https://fameex.com/en-US/FWSU6

FAMEEX, FAMEEX, the game-changing crypto trading platform, created out of the need of quantitative futures trading enthusiasts, is about to usher in a new era of crypto around the world. With the rapid growth of FAMEEX, more and more cryptocurrency traders are discovering their financial futures on FAMEEX.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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