Emmerdale spoilers – Kim faces custody challenge for Millie

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Kim Tate takes on a challenge to curate Millie from Wendy Posner Emmerdale.

Three episodes aired on Wednesday night (September 15) with tension building between young Millie and her bestie Kim after the youngster overheard some nasty things about his dad Jamie.

Millie was staying with Kim at Home Farm after her other nanny, Hazel, was injured in a physical altercation with Jamie.



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The third episode began with Kim talking to Harriet about Millie running away from home, not satisfied with the number of police officers looking for the child.

Harriet reminded Kim that all police resources have already been deployed and the villagers have also joined the investigation. Furthermore, it is not possible for Jamie to have kidnapped Millie since she is out of the country.

“He could have paid someone else to do it or he could have been in a car accident,” Kim pointed out.

Kim was assured that there were no reports of such injuries at the hospital. Sure enough, he turned up at the cafe later to find Millie had run to Wendy’s house – where she was staying with mum Andrea.

When Kim intervened to take Millie home, Wendy argued that it was not a good idea for the child to stay at Home Farm.

Wendy Posner in Emmerdale


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“I think she’d be better off staying with me,” Wendy insisted.

Kim tried to explain the situation with Jamie but Wendy wouldn’t budge, “They told you now will you please leave us alone?”

Kim claimed that Millie was only reluctant to be with her because of the ‘lies’ that Jamie and Hazel had fed her.

“Her mother is dead, her father is on the run, her other grandmother is in the hospital. Right now, I’m the only family she has left to live with,” Kim claimed.

Wendy retorted, “Yeah, and she’d rather live with me!”



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Bob Hope stepped in to prevent the situation from getting out of hand. In the end, Kim agreed to have Millie stay with Wendy for the night.

“It’s not for one night. It’s for the rest of her life,” Kim vowed.

Emmerdale Star Claire King recently offered an insight into Kim’s mindset now that Millie is back at Home Farm.

“Kim’s not one of those people who’s going to do something bad to Millie just because she doesn’t like Jamie. She wants to protect that kid, but Millie’s really upset and she just doesn’t want to be there. Millie wants to go back to Hazel and life with dad and all that,” the actress said Digital spy.

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