Emmerdale shows emotional scenes of Faith as her health deteriorates

Emmerdale aired some tough scenes tonight (September 11) on Faith’s ongoing cancer journey.

Faith’s health is rapidly deteriorating after the devastating news that her cancer has spread to her brain and she has been advised to start making decisions about her own care.

She recently started having seizures and also gets very confused which really scares her.

cain dingle and faith dingle in emmerdale


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Tonight’s double bill (originally scheduled for Thursday, September 8) began with Faith refusing to be “babysat” by everyone. She managed to shake Chas off by pretending the palliative care nurse was sick and couldn’t make their scheduled meeting, telling Chas she was just going for a nap.

However, she had lied as she felt that none of the decisions that were made were actually her choice and she felt out of control. But her nurse explained that as her cancer progresses, she may not be able to make decisions on her own, so it was important that she appoint someone she trusts to make them for her.

Luckily, Chas walked in during the meeting, followed by Cain, and they had a really heartbreaking discussion about Faith’s choices. He decided on a do not resuscitate order and chose Cain to have a permanent power of attorney.



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Later, when Cain was asking her about end-of-life care, Faith became very confused and panicked as Cain talked to her about a hospice for when things are too advanced.

As she tried to explain that she and Chas had talked about her staying home, she picked up the kettle and spilled boiling water all over her hand.

When Cain rushed to help, she picked up a frying pan ostensibly to protect herself, mistaking it for her violent ex-husband Shadrach, who died in 2010.

Dazed, Cain backed away as Faith screamed at him to stay away.

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