EastEnders’ Stacey Slater made a big mistake with Jean and Harvey

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Stacey Slater is about to make a big mistake with mum Jean and her ex-love Harvey Monroe. EastEnders.

Viewers will know that Jean and Harvey were not an item after Jean’s manic episode earlier this year.

In new scenes to be shown next week, Stacey gets Alfie, Kat and Kirat to help her organize a romantic surprise dinner for Gene and Harvey after seeing how well they’re getting on again.

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However, Jean is unhappy with their plans and when Harvey arrives, Alfie suggests they all stay to avoid an embarrassment for Harvey.

The meal turns out to be unexpectedly awkward and Jean lashes out at Stacey for messing with her and Harvey. However, when they are alone, Jean talks about her future with Harvey.

Earlier this year, Jean clashed with Stacey amid her mental health storyline, with the latter curtailing her mother’s time with the children after realizing she was having a manic episode.

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In the heartbreaking scenes, Jean told her daughter that she “always knew [she] it wouldn’t amount to anything,” even claiming that Stacey had confused her own children.

“That’s where the damage comes from, Stacey. You, not me,” he added.

To another EastEnders news, last night’s episode (September 22) saw the departure of Rose Ayling-Ellis as Frankie as the character left for a new job in Scotland.

In a sweet farewell message, the actress said: “I will miss everyone here. And I want to say the biggest thank you to everyone who works here and works hard. Goodbye for now, and see you later!”

EastEnders airs Monday-Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show is also streaming on BBC iPlayer.

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