EastEnders spoilers – Alfie decides on an exit plan

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Alfie Moon decided not to let Walford in EastEnders.

The popular character made a huge comeback this week to stop ex-wife Kat’s wedding to rival Phil Mitchell and while it was successful, the pair still plan to tie the knot in the future.

In Thursday’s episode (September 15), Alfie intended to leave Walford as Kat had chosen to stay with Phil rather than move back in with him.

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Alfie begged Kat to spend some time with the boys. Despite Phil’s reluctance, Alfie manages to find the twins and Tommy during a fun day.

Alfie even shared a moment with Tommy where he assured the boy that he considers him just as much a son as Bert and Ernie, even though he is not the boy’s biological father.

Before leaving, Alfie dropped by the Vic, where raising a pint to his kids gave him second thoughts about leaving Albert Square so soon.

It appeared Kat was already warming up to Alfie as she snapped at Phil when he complained the boys wouldn’t see their father for “another few years”.

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“Don’t do that, don’t make fun of him. I know he’s not perfect, but he really nailed it today,” Kat told Phil.

Phil tried to smooth things over by assuring that “everything is on track” for their wedding with Alfie leaving just as Kat received a text from the man himself.

Kat excused herself to open the door, where Alfie was waiting with a message: “I’m sorry Kat, I saw the way you looked at me earlier and it’s the same look I get when I look at you.”

Alfie pulled Kat in for a kiss, and while she pushed him away and slapped him, he insisted he was “not going anywhere”.

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“I’ll win you back before you tie Phil too. I love you Kat, you know I always have,” Alfie told her. “How about that? You and I are going to get married.”

Kat rejected his declaration of love, but the episode ended with Alfie determined to win his ex-wife back.

EastEnders airs Monday-Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show is also streaming on BBC iPlayer.

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