EastEnders spoilers (18 to 21 September)

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Next week EastEndersthere’s a baby bomb for Janine, Linda reveals her feelings for Mick and Frankie plans to leave Albert Square…

Here’s a full roundup of the 13 biggest moments to come:

1. Janine finds out she is pregnant

Janine Butcher, Mick Carter, Eastander


Janine cancels a planned day trip with Mick when she begins to feel unwell.

When Scarlett’s daughter is also stricken with illness, Janine believes they have caught the same bug.

However, after Janine faints and is taken to the hospital, she discovers that she is pregnant.

2. Denzel apologizes to Amy

nugget, amy mitchel, denzel, eastenders


Amy fell in love with Denzel shortly after the teenager arrived in Albert Square to stay with his estranged dad Howie last month.

But could Denzel have secret feelings for Amy?

Denzel warns his schoolmates, Tommy and Nugget, to stop harassing Amy.

He then apologizes to Amy for his previous bad behavior towards her.

3. Dotty is homeless

kathy beale, bobby beale, dotty cotton, eastenders


Dotty’s living situation is still uncertain after being evicted from the Panesar house.

But Bernie reminds Dotty that she still has family she can turn to for help.

After all, Dotty’s grandmother Dot still owns 25 Albert Square.

Will Dotty ask the current resident, Sonia, if she can move in?

4. Alfie is trying to sell his boat

jean slater, billy mitchell, alfie moon, martin fowler, eastenders


It looks like Alfie may be staying in Albert Square despite the wedding day drama involving ex-wife Kat.

Wheeler trader Alfie sets up a stall in the market and tries to do a raffle from his canal boat, but soon clashes with market inspector Honey.

5. Frankie’s exit story revealed

Frankie Lewis, Kim Foxx, Eastenders


Frankie is ready for a fresh start away from Walford in the wake of her harrowing ordeal recently.

Frankie is offered a new job opportunity in Scotland, but how will Mick feel about it?

6. Mick continues to support Linda

Janine, Linda Carter, Mick, Eastenders


It’s the day of Linda’s meeting with her legal brief to discuss regaining custody of her daughter, Annie.

Mick tells his ex-wife, Linda, that he still cares about her and will do everything he can to help her reunite with Annie.

7. Vinny drops a bomb

vinny panesar, eastenders


There is no love lost between Dotty and Vinny after she slept with Finlay.

Furious, Ash confronts Dotty for breaking his heart once again.

When Rocky tries to break up the fight, Vinny bursts in and drops a stun bomb on Rocky…

8. Kathy fights Walford East to reopen

Bobby Beale, Kathy Beale, Eastenders


The local restaurant is set to reopen under the new management of local businesswoman Suki and former prison inmate Ravi.

But Cathy feels sad as the restaurant was once owned by her son, Ian.

9. Eva suspects Sookie and Ravi

suki panesar, eve unwin, eastenders


Eva is curious to hear an argument between Sookie and Ravi.

Is this Walford East opening night? Or is Eva going to discover the murderous secret that Sookie and Ravi share?

10. Linda ponders her future with Mick

Linda Carter, Eastenders


Linda confides in her best friend Sharon about her feelings for her ex-husband, Mick.

Could there be another chance at love for Mick and Linda?

11. Harvey and Jean grow closer

jean slater, rocky, harvey monroe, eastenders


Harvey asks Jean out for a drink.

However, before Jean can get her hopes up, Harvey makes it clear that they’re just good friends.

12. Kheerat catches Stacey and Ravi

ravi gulari, stacey slater, eastenders


Kheerat is confident he will attend the opening of Walford East.

During the evening, Kheerat scolds Stacey for drinking too much after questioning his obsession with Ranveer’s whereabouts.

Ravi later finds a disheveled Stacey in the kitchen, but their flirtatious interaction is interrupted by an unimpressed Kirat.

13. Sookie struggles with her secret

suki kaur panesar, orientals


Suki finds it hard to contain her panic when Hirat keeps asking questions about Ranveer’s whereabouts.

Kheerat tells Suki that he has suspicions about Ravi and Ranveer, but she brushes him off.

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