Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi stars in the first full trailer for The Devil’s Hour

The first full trailer for Peter Capaldi’s chilling new TV thriller The Hour of the Devil has been released.

The Prime Video series sees the Doctor Who the protagonist plays a nomad named Gideon who has a murderous obsession, opposite Call the midwifeJessica Raine as Lucy, who wakes up every night at the so-called devil’s hour, 3.33am, with horrific visions.

In the clip, we measure the very creepy atmosphere of the show, while there are some (very unrelated) Doctor Who nods too.

Peter Capaldi, the hour of the devil

Prime Video

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“My sense of time is better than anyone’s,” Gideon declares at one point, while being asked if he is a “time traveler or a seer.”

The Hour of the Devil has been created by The FeedTom Moran and counts Steven Moffat as executive producer.

Speaking about the show earlier this year, Capaldi said “The nature of the track is quite spectacularly dark and that can be quite enjoyable.”

The first video of the hour of the devil trailer

Prime Video

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The star added: “It all starts with the scripts and Tom’s scripts were brilliant and inventive and such a brilliant idea at the core.

“One aspect of it is that you have to listen to your nightmares, because they might be communicating with you in some way.”

Capaldi further elaborated on the character dynamics on the show: “Jess plays a character that Gideon has absolutely targeted. He’s coming for her, he’s coming for her child, he won’t stop. But the reason he’s doing it isn’t what you think. .. or maybe it is.’

The Hour of the Devil is scheduled to premiere October 28 on Amazon Prime Video.

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