‘Dead Cells Meets Celeste’ Rogue-Lite Action Platformer ‘ScourgeBringer’ Now Available on iOS and Android – TouchArcade

‘Dead Cells Meets Celeste’ Rogue-Lite Action Platformer ‘ScourgeBringer’ Now Available on iOS and Android – TouchArcadeIn July we learned that it would bring Plug in Digital ScourgeBringer, the fast-paced rogue-lite action platformer from Flying Oak Games, to iOS and Android devices and friends that day has finally arrived. The game was originally released on PC and console in October 2020, and in his assessment of the Nintendo Switch launch since then, our own Shaun Musgrave opined that ScourgeBringer “I really feel like someone looked Celeste and Dead cells and I saw the opportunity for a chocolate and peanut butter moment.” Indeed, if you follow satisfying combat and extensive tree and loot mechanic skills Dead cells but dropped some of those great air based rigs Celestethis is a rough explanation on the back of the box ScourgeBringer. Shaun also noted that this very easily “could have gone badly”, but luckily that’s not the case here.

Of course, even if you haven’t played ScourgeBringer before you probably look at this trailer and ask yourself “How on earth is a game this fast to play with virtual controls?” Well, for this new mobile release, we can do one again Dead cells comparison through the excellent mobile version of the game. Plug in Digital has implemented an auto-attack so that whenever your character gets close to an enemy, it will simply push them away until they get good and crash. If you are a ScourgeBringer veteran of other platforms then you might think this would detract from the experience, and maybe it does somewhat, but as with mobile Dead cells and the ability to auto-attack, this change absolutely retains the fun and overall atmosphere of the original game while removing what would likely have been a very frustrating virtual controls experience.

I think whatever might have been sacrificed in combat depth was worth it considering what an exhilarating experience it was ScourgeBringer it’s still on mobile. One thing I will point out though is that, in contrast Dead cells on mobile where you can enable or disable auto attack it seems the only way you can disable this feature ScourgeBringer on mobile it is done by connecting and using a physical controller. I’m someone who never played Dead cells until its mobile release so I enjoyed the auto attack feature at first while slowly learning the ropes of the game, but there came a point where I wanted something more out of the experience and so I appreciated being able to toggle auto attack off, so I can learn how to play the game as originally intended.

There might be a point where I feel the same way about auto attack ScourgeBringer and I wish I could turn it off, but let me just reiterate that right now it’s not a problem and I’m absolutely thrilled with this release. I should also point out that there is another very big change with the virtual control scheme, as your momentum is now mapped to simply swiping in any direction on the virtual analog stick, and I have to say that this change is really great. At the risk of bringing up a third comparison to the baby, it’s very similar ScourgeBringer: Dandara Edition. Swipe to zip and pull off crazy air-based combos that make the whole experience feel like an insanely awesome airborne ninja ballet.

Instead of seeing these new control aids as detracting from the experience, I’d almost see it as offering a whole new way to play ScourgeBringer, with the original play mode still available to anyone with a controller. It’s kind of awesome, actually. Whichever way you choose to play, ScourgeBringer on iOS and Android is seemingly a fantastic mobile port, and players on our forums seem to agree. It’s a pay-once experience on both platforms, so if you’re craving the action-packed premium experience, this one gets a hearty recommendation from me.

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