Coronation Street – Adam Hussain on Kelly’s dramatic exit

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street Teenager Aadi Alahan faces potential heartbreak next week as his fiancee Kelly Neelan exits the show.

In an unmissable series of episodes, Kelly plots revenge against Gary Windass after discovering his guilt in her father’s murder. However, when Kelly teams up with Rick’s former client Kieron, she finds herself in dire danger when the ruthless villain crosses her.

Show bosses have revealed that the action builds to a tense top-floor sequence and shootout, with Kelly, Gary and Aadi all in danger.

Digital spy recently caught up with Adam Hussain, who plays Aadi, to find out about his involvement in the big week.

Gary Winss, Kelly Neelan and Aadi alahan on Coronation Street


How does Aadi feel about Dev being so disapproving of his relationship with Kelly?

“I think Aadi feels quite disappointed and ultimately disappointed because Dev has always been supportive of Asha and her relationships.

“Aadi is just frustrated that Dev didn’t give this relationship a chance and has judged Kelly.”

Do you think Aadi has genuine feelings for Kelly or is he just rebelling against his father?

“I think Aadi has real feelings for Kelly. He’s willing to help her with dangerous things because he loves her and wants to protect her.

“Aadi and Kelly are quite similar in how they’re outcasts and have been through a lot of hardships and problems. They relate to each other through that and I think they care about each other.”

The following week, Kelly books her and Aadi tickets to Bangkok, but doesn’t tell him it’s a one-way ticket. Would Aadi give up his life and family in Weatherfield for Kelly?

“I think Aadi would eventually, because he’s not having a good time at his house on the road. He got a traffic accident, set himself on fire and dumped himself! Now he’s found someone who understands him.

“So I think given the chance, he would leave for a fresh start with Kelly.”

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What is it about Kelly that Aadi likes?

“They have quite different personalities, but I think they relate to each other because of the things they’ve been through – and they don’t have anyone else to understand them or who they can talk to about it.

“They can now be honest with each other, and that’s what made Aadi fall in love with Kelly. They’re a great match. Kelly also brings out Aadi’s rebellious side.”

What relationship advice would you give Aadi?

“I would tell him to try not to overthink it, try not to take it all to heart and just try to have fun and have fun.

Does Aadi ever worry that Kelly could lead him into a dangerous world?

“I think so, yes! I would say Aadi is nervous, but I think he’s willing to help Kelly because he loves her and cares about her and wants to protect her. So I’d say he’ll still do it, even if he’s terrified ».

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There are very high stakes scenes for Kelly’s exit. How does it feel to be a part of another huge week for the show?

“I think it’s great – just working on such an amazing script and story and being able to do stunts. They brought cameras and a big green screen called a volume wall, which they use in Hollywood movies.

“Being able to work with that kind of equipment and a crew was amazing. Everyone who worked on it was absolutely amazing, I think it was one of the best shoots I’ve ever done.

“To be able to do the stunts that we did with all that equipment, I think it’s going to look really, really good, so I really enjoyed it.”

How do you feel about Millie Gibson bowing out as Kelly?

“I loved working with Millie because she’s an amazing actress. She’s also a really nice person, so I’ll miss her as a friend and as a colleague, but I wish her the best.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV and is broadcast on the ITV Hub.

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