Charles: The King who believes in the healing power of Yoga, Ayurveda

LONDON: King Charles III, Britain’s new monarch who ascended the throne on the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II, has a strong connection to India and its ancient traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda.
The 73-year-old King, who has made several visits to India as Prince of Wales over the years, has focused much of his philanthropic efforts in India through the British Asian Trust – founded by him in 2007 to tackle poverty and the hardships in South Asia.
The royal spoke of his “great love for India” when he made a COVID emergency appeal last year and helped raise millions during India’s severe pandemic wave.
“Like many others, I have a great love for India and have enjoyed many wonderful visits to the country. Indian help and ingenuity was a support to other countries throughout this extremely difficult period. As India has helped others, so now we have to help India,” he said then.
It was in the wake of Covid that she pondered the healing and healing power of yoga, which she described as an “accessible practice” that helps manage stress.
“This pandemic has highlighted the importance of preparedness, resilience and the need for an approach that addresses the health and well-being of the whole person as part of society, and which does not just focus on symptoms,” he said. video message for a virtual healthcare event called Wellness After Covid in May last year.
“Within this approach, therapeutic, evidence-based yoga can contribute to health and healing. By its very nature, yoga is an accessible practice that provides practitioners with ways to manage stress, build resilience and promote healing,” she said.
In April 2018, he hosted Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Science Museum in London to launch a new Ayurvedic Center of Excellence, aiming to create a first-of-its-kind global network for evidence-based research on Yoga and Ayurveda. His wife Camilanow the Queen Consort, is also believed to practice Yoga.
As Prince of Wales, Charles has been a very strong supporter of environmental causes and has been a vocal voice against the ravages of climate change. He has regularly spoken about India’s important role in achieving global climate action goals.
“With India’s global reach and strong private sector, I believe there are some key ways we can work together to accelerate our efforts and build a more sustainable future. First, we need to focus on accelerating the flow of private capital to support the transition,” he said in a speech at the India Global Forum (IGF) in July last year.
“I know that renewable energy, especially solar energy, is rapidly gaining ground in India and is a great example for the rest of the world,” he said.
Basil also focuses on natural farming techniques and has campaigned for a clear set of “global farm metrics” to create sustainable supply chains.
“With agriculture being so critical to the Indian economy, there is a real opportunity to explore how these metrics could support the lives and livelihoods of farmers in India as well as wider supply chains and markets,” he told the his message at the IGF summit. .
“With India being a global center of technology and innovation, coupled with a deep connection to nature and harmony, you have an absolutely vital role to play in this endeavour. Especially considering India’s wealth of business talent,” he added.
On his accession to the British throne, Charles also became head of the Commonwealth, a union of 56 independent countries, including India, and 2.4 billion people. For 14 of these countries, as well as the United Kingdom, the King is the head of state.
These countries, known as Commonwealth realms, are: Australia, Antigua and BarbudaBahamas, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and Grenadines, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu.
As monarch, King Charles III marks a new royal chapter for the United Kingdom with many changes set to take place over the coming days and weeks. For the first time since 1952, the national anthem will be played with the words “God Save the King” and new coins will now bear its insignia.
The symbolic high point of his accession will be the coronation when Charles is officially crowned. Due to the lengthy preparations required, the coronation is not likely to take place anytime soon.
Charles is the oldest and longest-serving heir in British history. He will also be the oldest person to become king in British history.
Queen Elizabeth II, the United Kingdom’s longest-reigning monarch, died Thursday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland after 70 years on the throne. It was 96.

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