Canes Connection NIL Program for University of Miami Student-Athletes to Integrate ReserveBlock RBX Network via Masternode Pool and Interactive NFTs

September 14, 2022 – Miami, Florida

Connection with reeds an industry-leading organization dedicated to facilitating NIL opportunities for University of Miami (UM) student-athletes. has announced that it will integrate and use the ReserveBlock RBX blockchain protocol for NFTs.

The ReserveBlock Foundation will provide a pool of RBX master nodes to the Canes Connection that will allow participating UM athletes to be part of the RBX Network, verify transactions, and earn randomized block rewards.

The RBX Network will also allow Canes Connection and participating UM student-athletes to interactively issue NFTs to sponsors and brands, increasing connectivity and utility within the Canes Connection community.

For the first time in the NIL, Canes Connection will develop a randomized block reward system for the exclusive benefit of all student-athletes participating in the Canes Connection NIL program, distributing earned rewards on a monthly basis.

The development of the RBX master node allows the Connection to create fair and equal potential earnings for every participating student-athlete, regardless of fame, reputation or playing status.

Through the use of self-executing (SEN) RBX smart contracts, the Connection will also issue interactive and dynamic NFTs for sponsors and fans to connect, collect and participate in unique experiences directly with student-athletes, as well as launch brand ambassadors and businesses at local and national level.

Zach Burr, Co-CEO of Canes Connection, said,

“We are thrilled to be working with RBX on this unique and exciting project. Student-athletes who choose Canes Connection will be part of a best-in-class NFT platform and will be able to easily create their own NFTs for their fans and sponsors.”

Each UM student-athlete within the program will also have access to a personal RBX core wallet and web wallet that will allow them to add additional master nodes to the network using block rewards if they wish.

With their personal RBX wallets, they can also create their own NFTs without having to know or write code. Each participating student-athlete will be able to easily create NFTs and promote them directly to fans and followers simply by sharing them on their own social media accounts.

Brian Goldmeier, Co-CEO of Canes Connection, said:

“We chose to partner with RBX because we believed their blockchain protocol would provide our student-athletes with the most convenient and stress-free way to create and sell their own NFTs but more importantly, an incredible opportunity to earn passive block rewards through our pool of RBX masternodes.”

Canes Connection will also provide an ‘on-ramp’ from its own website to a secondary market, powered by the RBX Network, for aftermarket NFT auctions as well as special NFT sales. This first NIL movement program is expected to begin in October 2022 with additional details to follow in the coming weeks.

About the ReserveBlock RBX network

RBX is the first decentralized open source NFT-centric blockchain that enables true peer-to-peer functionality to mint and trade NFTs with or without the need for a central authority.

With an ecosystem that provides a full suite of on-chain tools, RBX reduces shared frictions and burdens by providing an environment for anyone and everyone to participate with transparent trusted operations through a core wallet or web wallet either validating on the network and/or or write a smart contract without the code you need to know. The RBX network is currently in mainnet beta.

For more information about RBX, visit the links below.

Website | Discord | Twitter | Instagram | Github

For more information about Canes Connection, visit the links below.

Website | Instagram


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