Canelo Alvarez says his goal is to knock out Gennadiy Golovkin

With Alan Fox: Canelo Alvarez says his goal for Saturday’s fight is to score a knockout over Gennadiy Golovkin, but if it doesn’t happen he’ll be content to go 12 rounds.

It will be difficult for Canelo (57-2-2, 39 KOs) to score a knockout in this fight because to stop a fighter like Golovkin, he will need to pack his punches.

Throwing single shots and resting for 20 seconds won’t work for Canelo. In his last fight against Dmitry Bivol, Canelo threw very few punches and looked tired early in the fight on May 7th.

Bivol was able to take advantage of Canelo’s low performance and exhaustion by taking control of the fight after the first three rounds.

If Canelo isn’t able to KO Golovkin (42-1-1, 37 KOs), he’ll need to pace himself because he can’t afford to knock himself out against a fighter as hard-hitting as GGG.

It’s safe to assume that Golovkin’s goal for this fight is to try to knock Canelo out so that the judges don’t have a chance to check the outcome.

Golovkin is the one who probably needs a knockout more than Canelo, as he has taken two questionable decisions in his two meetings with fan favorite Canelo in 2017 and 2018.

That’s not to say Golovkin was perfect in either of those two fights, as his game plans were fundamentally flawed.

That’s what made the fight so tough for Golovkin because he chose to fight Canelo on the inside most of the time and he didn’t lack the skills to fight at a high level at this range.

The only reason Golovkin didn’t completely work is because Canelo faded in the second half of both of those fights.

“That is my goal for this race [to score a knockout], but I will keep my mind focused. If the knockout comes, it doesn’t matter. If not, then I will fight 12 rounds,” Canelo Alvarez told the media about his fight against Gennadiy Golovkin.

“I’ve been focused on not making the same mistakes, but I love boxing as much as ever. Of course, a little bit, but I feel great,” Canelo said when asked if he had to drop muscle from 175 to 168 for this fight. “Where I feel best is at 168.

“He did a very good job. He is a fighter himself. He is strong. he takes punches and hits hard. He’s the same fighter,” Canelo said when asked about Golovkin’s less-than-impressive performance in his last fight against Ryota Murata in April.

“I think he got hit a lot because Murata doesn’t hit that hard. That’s why, ‘It’s okay, it’s fine.’ That’s what I think.

“Since 2018, before my fight with Golovkin, I stopped running because of my knees. For this camp, I started running three times a week again. So, I feel better. I’m not running in this fight with Golovkin. Remember, I had surgery in April before the race.

“Of [168] it’s always been good for me. I don’t know how he will do it [Golovkin] arrange the. When I went from 154 to 160, I fought the best in the world at the time, which was him. So I had no problem doing it,” Canelo said.

“Golovkin won’t have too many problems with the weight shift in this case,” said Eddy Reynoso.

“Strength can make a difference in feeling punchy, but eating more to gain weight isn’t. That’s not what you do. You make it that way,” Canelo said.

“Of course, it’s more motivation. You’ve seen it in my training as well,” Canelo said when asked if his loss to Dmitry Bivol motivated him.

“The rivalry I have with Golovkin goes back years. You’ll have to watch Saturday to find out if anything happens in the future. We’ll see,” Canelo said of whether a fourth fight with Golovkin will happen.

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