British Married At First Sight expert teases celebrity issue talks

Married At First Sight UK Relationship expert Paul Brunson has teased that a celebrity version of the series could be on the cards.

During an episode of Reality with Will Njobvuthe relationship guru told the host that he could apply to join MAFS United Kingdom the following year and revealed that there had been discussions for a number of celebrities.

“There was talk of a celebrity Married at first sight,” Branson revealed in a conversation with Njobvu.

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The matchmaker didn’t elaborate on those talks, so it’s unclear if or when a celebrity version of the hit reality show will actually happen.

During the same discussion, Branson talked about his methods for choosing couples for the show and talked about the success rate matchmaking experts have.

He said that during the first few weeks of the experiment, many people say he and his colleagues don’t know what they’re doing, but asked if he could “brag too quickly and compare it to a dating app.”

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“Do you know what our success rate is in this series? I started series 5, between series 5 and series 6 we have almost 50% success rate,” he revealed.

“Think about it, this is higher than any dating app. This is higher than going to a speed dating event, it’s higher than going to the bar.

“We have, not one, but two babies,” Branson said. “Two babies in the UK, so one is already born and the second is coming.

“So it can work, you know, that’s what I mean, it can work,” he added.

To another MAFS UK news, relationship expert Mel Schilling revealed in a exclusive interview with Digital spy that she and Branson will have some “fatal” disagreements in the upcoming series.

Married At First Sight UK airs on E4 in the UK. Married at first sight in Australia airs on the Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK.

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