Boxing Results: Arslanbek “Lion” Makhmudov defeated Carlos Takam!

With Ken Hisner: At the Montreal Casino, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Friday via ESPN+ Camille Estephan (Eye of the Tiger Management) presented in the Main Event North American Boxing Association and Federation Heavyweight champion Arslanbek “Lion” Makhmudov defended his titles, scoring a pair of knockdowns , former IBF Intercontinental Champion Carlos Takam over the vacant IBF Inter-Continental title in ten rounds.

In the Main Event, NABA and NABF Heavy Champion Arslanbek “Lion” Makhmudov, 15-0 (14), #263.3, of Russia and Montreal Quebec, CAN, defeated former WBC Silver Champion Carlos Takam, 39-7 -1 (28) , #261.4, of Cameron and Henderson, NV, over ten rounds scoring a pair of knockdowns.

Twenty seconds into the first round, Makhmudov dropped Takam with a right to the chin, receiving an 8-count from referee Michael Griffin, but managed to make it to the end of the round. In the second and third rounds, Takam seemed to weather the storm from the knockdown, scoring well in the third.

In the fourth round, Takam did well enough to take the round, overwhelming Makhmudov with some wild punches. In the fifth round, Takam seemed to have the much bigger Mahmudov down.

In the final seconds of the sixth round, an overhand right to the chin from Takam stunned Makhmudov. In the closing seconds of the seventh round, Takam missed a right, ending up on the ropes when Mahmudov landed a right to the side of the head, leaving him with an 8-count by referee Griffin.

In the eighth round, Makhmudov was warned for harsh tactics by referee Griffin. In the ninth round, Takam continued to defend the much larger Makhmudov.

In the tenth and final round, a right from Takam to Makhmodov’s chin twenty seconds into the round stopped the latter in his tracks. Takam appeared to take advantage of the undefeated Russian.

Scores were 96-92, 97-91 and 96-92, with this writer 94-94.

NABF Middleweight Champion Steven “Bang Bang” Butler, 31-3-1 (26), #160, of Montreal, CAN, stopped southpaw Mark “The Bazooka” DeLuca, 28-4 (16), #159 , of Whitman, MASS , at 1:59 of the second round of a scheduled ten rounds.

In the first lap, Butler had the lead. Halfway through the second round, Butler landed a pair of rights to the chin and DeLuca fell for an 8-count from referee Steve St. Germain. When he got up, he was on shaky legs and referee Germain wisely called for a stop.

Heavyweight southpaw Martine Vallieres Bisson, 5-2 (1), #124.5, of Ville Lemoyne, Quebec, CAN, lost to Emma “Valkyria” Gongora, 5-2 (0), #124.8, of Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhone , FR, over 6×2 laps.

In the second round, a right from Gongora dropped Bisson for an 8-count from referee Martin Forrest. In the third round, after three warnings for a blow to the back of the head, Gongora lost a point.

In the fourth and fifth rounds, Gongora was bleeding from the nose but had two good rounds. In the sixth and final round, Gongora checked but was deducted another point by referee Forrest, who was questionable.

The scores were 57-54 twice and 58-54 with 57-53 by the writer.

Super Feather southpaw Thomas “The Ghost” Chabot, 7-0 (7), #127.8, of Thetford Mines, Quebec, CAN, stopped Armando Ramirez, 3-2 (0), #126, of El Grullo, Jalisco, MEX, at 1:24 of the second round of a 6 round program scoring three knockdowns.

In the first round, Chabot landed a solid left to the body with one minute remaining for an 8-count from referee Martin Forest. In the second round, after one minute, a combination to the body from Chabot dropped Ramirez for an 8-count from referee Forest. Half a minute later, a left from Chabot to the body landed again and Ramirez forced the Forest referee to wave it away.

Super Feather Jean Gardy Francois, 3-0 (2), #129.2, of Montreal, Quebec, CAN, defeated southpaw Andres Sanchez Ramirez, 4-5-3 (2), #129.2, of Gomez Palacio, Durango, MEX, over four laps.

In the first round, Francois had swelling under his left eye as they both took it out. In the second lap, the swell opened up a small cut from Francois in two close laps.

In the third round, Francois started bleeding from the nose in another close round. In the fourth and final round, Francois hurt Ramirez halfway through the round, reeling him in with a right to the chin.

The scores were 40-36 twice and 39-37, as was this writer.

Welterweight Hamza “Taz” Khabbaz, 5-0 (1), #146.6, of Montreal, Quebec, CAN, defeated Jose “Tacho” Gutierrez Bolanos, 2-6 (0), #146.8, of Mexico City, in four rounds.

In the first two rounds, both came out with punches from the start, with Khabbaz landing the shorter Bolanos with mostly head shots.

In the third and fourth rounds, Bolanos continued to come forward, showing determination while taking several punches to the chin, with Khabbaz shutout. The referee was Albert Junior Padulo.
The scores were all 40-36, including this writer.

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