Autumn trench coat and the magic of Cottagecore style with Yvette Libby

Countrycore, often referred to as cottagecore, is a fashion trend inspired by the simple, attractive, poetic rural life in harmony with the environment. Rooted in rural English and European life, this aesthetic embodies the idea of ​​living quietly, reconnecting with nature and appreciating the small, simple, yet priceless things in life. It’s not just a fashion trend. It allows us to step away from modern life and do romantic mundane tasks like composing letters, baking, sewing and gardening.

What better choice than a great fall trench coat in cottagecore style as fall approaches. We seem to create a timeless space with a strong personality around us thanks to these classic designs.

Starting soft with the “MASTERY” custom trench coat for your fall wardrobe:

Yvette libby n’guyen, courtesy of the brand

Cottagecore style

Natural, intimate and rustic beauty are emphasized in cottagecore style, which is influenced by nature. It’s both vintage and nostalgic at the same time. For the past couple of years, this style has dominated social media and is still going strong.

Cottagecore may be in danger of being replaced by trends like open academia and dark academia, but who knows? It could be the last trend left.

The first justification is due to the rustic, beautiful, elegant and feminine charm of the cottagecore style, which transforms women into muses and is enough to win over even the most selective fashionistas. The cottagecore trend is also quite eco-friendly. Natural fabrics and handmade accessories are preferred. Additionally, those who follow this fashion trend often buy vintage or sustainable clothing and accessories.

“POKER RULE #85” – The perfect fall trench coat to celebrate individualism in taste:

Yvette libby n’guyen, courtesy of the brand

How to dress in cottage style

Clothing with a cottagecore aesthetic should emphasize simplicity, rusticity and nostalgia, as it highlights the simple existence of the country. To convey the idea that you live in the country, wear clothes made up of light fabrics in subtle shades and patterns.

Cottagecore fashion is characterized by loose dresses, flowing dresses, puffy skirts and puffy sleeves. Additionally popular products are relaxed linen pants, knit cardigans, cable knit sweaters, floral shirts, etc. Due to their adaptability, you can combine these products in various ways to suit different occasions, seasons and personal preferences. For example, you can create a light, feminine style by wearing a puffy sleeve blouse, often known as a peasant shirt, with a maxi skirt. You can team it with skinny jeans or wide leg pants for a cool and adorable look.

One of Yvette LIBBY’s signature motifs, “LE LOUVRE”, is suitable for a variety of fall products:

Yvette libby n’guyen, courtesy of the brand

Cottagecore in oriental style

The costumes of eastern countries are very attractive. All ladies should consider some Asian dress patterns as they can help you hide body flaws while highlighting your abilities. Eastern Province girls also have traditional fashions that continue to be an inspiration to many designers today. For example, Yvette LIBBY’s Bà Ba collection was influenced by the bà ba shirt, a traditional costume in southern Vietnam.

The classic bà ba is fitted at the waist and has modest side slits that virtually hug the body to accentuate a woman’s gorgeous curves. Retaining the soft charm of the oriental country shirt, Yvette LIBBY has been successfully upgraded to match contemporary fashion. The most important thing is that all these clothes are eco-friendly and authentic country house style, plus they are handmade by sweet Vietnamese girls!

Handmade accessories

Wearing handmade accessories with your clothes is a key component of the cottagecore look. The most useful accessories are those that are handmade and basic. To make your dress more adorable and break the monotony, just a few sparse embroidery images using real flower patterns will do. Your feminine and traditional look will be enhanced with ribbons, bandanas, hair clips, earrings and bracelets made of wood, dried flowers or fruit seeds.

Artistic hand-embroidered wooden clogs will form a perfect duo with a little “unique” with your autumn trench coat:

Yvette libby n’guyen, courtesy of the brand

Remember to wear your magic straw hats! They provide UV protection for your skin and because you can wear them with so many different looks, they go with almost anything. You will look much cuter if you tie a ribbon under your chin.

The cottagecore trend always dominates runways around the world, giving fashionistas a casual yet luxurious appeal, especially in the fall.

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