Assassin’s Creed: Mirage’s 18+ Rating Leads To Online Speculation That It Will Include Real Money Gambling

Assassin’s Creed: Mirage’s age rating leads to some speculation on the ResetEra forum that it could include real money gambling, after the game was revealed during the Ubisoft Forward event. An ESRB rating of 18+ that mentions “real gambling” seems to apply to the upcoming Assassin’s Creed set in 9th century Baghdad. If you missed the first look at Mirage over the weekend, you can watch the cinematic trailer below.

Assassin’s Creed: Mirage is the next game in the 15-year-old series, which is not old enough to gamble.

ResetEra user Modiz started the discussion by posting a link to the US Xbox store page for Mirage. That listing, which you can see for yourself here, says the game will feature “Intense violence, blood and gore, sexual themes, partial nudity, actual gambling.” Others chimed in to add that they had spotted the 18+ rating flash up before Mirage appeared during Saturday’s Ubisoft Forward stream, which Modiz confirmed.

Very few games receive an adult-only rating from the ESRB. You can see a complete list of exactly what they have to date. Almost none have been given for gambling, with most being for sex and violence. The ESRB’s content descriptor for real-world gambling says that “a player may place bets, including wagers or wagers on real cash or currency,” which differs from the category of simulated gambling. While Assassin’s Creed has a history of mini-games that aren’t for real money, like Valhalla’s Orlog and Assassin’s Creed 3’s Fanorona, there’s never been anything that risks emptying your pockets in real life.

I’m very skeptical that Mirage would actually involve gambling that might involve real money in some way. Ubisoft is certainly aware of the existing outcry surrounding loot boxes, including attempts at legislation in the US, threats to do so in the UK, and bans in countries such as Belgium. It would be very strange for Ubisoft to start testing the waters with a major franchise in case of an equally large backlash. However, the US Assassin’s Creed Instagram page uploaded a version of the trailer that shows an ESRB Rating Pending logo from the Ubisoft Forward feed, so it’s entirely possible that the adult-only rating is a mistake.

Alice Bee took a look at what we know so far about Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, which looks like it’s going to be who some of us remember the series’ creator back in 2007. However, this one has The Expanse’s excellent Shohreh Aghdashloo , so that’s one more reason to note it down. The Mirage was first rumored earlier this year when it was called the Rift. Those rumors reared their heads again in late August, now going through the Mirage. It took a leak of artwork to convince Ubisoft to acknowledge Mirage’s existence a few days later.

Assassin’s Creed: Mirage will be released on PC in 2023 from whatever rooftop it is. I contacted Ubisoft to ask them about Mirage’s rating.

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