Ashfall Showcase 2022: How to watch and what to expect

Ashfall is an upcoming MMORPG adventure shooter from Legendary Star Studio that takes place in a stylized post-apocalyptic wasteland and tasks the player with leaving their Vault after a nuclear war to search for the Core of Creation, which may be the only hope ensuring the survival of the human race.

Ashfall is set to launch on PC, iOS, and Android in 2023, and IGN is teaming up with Legendary Star Studio to present an Ashfall exhibit that will reveal much more about the game and give players a first look at the gameplay. Additionally, IGN will have an exclusive interview with Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro, and Inon Zur, who all co-produced the Ashfall soundtrack.

IGN is streaming, and as usual, this watch guide will give you everything you need to watch the show, including when it starts, a list of places you can watch it with us, and what you can expect to see from the revelation of Ashfall.

Ashfall Showcase Start Time

The upcoming Ashfall Showcase will be held on Friday September 16th starting at 10am. PT/1 p.m. ET/6 p.m. BST. If you’re returning from Australia, that translates to 3am. AEST.

Where to watch the Ashfall Showcase

If you’re interested in watching the upcoming Ashfall Showcase, we’ll be hosting the stream here and on our many channels on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and more. Here’s the full list of places you can watch the show.

What to expect at the upcoming Ashfall exhibition

The Ashfall Showcase will reveal to the world a lot more about the upcoming adventure shooter MMORPG coming to PC, iOS and Android in 2023. The show itself will start with an introduction from developer Legendary Star Studio and will be followed by their new trailer and an interview with Steve Mazzaro and Inon Zur;

The trailer will include gameplay showing Ashfall in action as well as setting up its story, and IGN’s Alan Wheeler will host a Let’s Play of Ashfall later in the show that will reveal more of what players can expect.

Ashfall itself takes place in the near future, and the game begins after a nuclear war and humanity’s defeat following an AI uprising after its creators could no longer control it. There were a few survivors, known as Wanderers, and they had survived by living in Vaults that protected them from the harsh outside world. However, the time has come to abandon the vaults and seek the Core of Creation, which, as we mentioned earlier, may just be the only way to ensure the survival of the human race.

Players will be able to traverse the world of Ashfall alone or with friends, and the game will support cross-platform play at launch.

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