Apex Legends Mobile – Way Of The Wolf Event Guide

The second half of Apex Legends Mobile Season 2, titled Hyperbeat, is packed with seasonal events that reward participating players with cosmetic skins, in-game currency, XP Boost cards and more. Way of the Wolf, the latest event to join Hyperbeat’s ever-expanding LTE roster, tasks players with completing a series of Loba-themed challenges to earn Loba’s favorite kind of loot: the kind that’s all hers — or yours, in this case .

The event consists of six challenges, each of which rewards players with a certain number of Challenge Points upon completion. Accumulate enough challenge points and you’ll start unlocking prizes — including the mobile-exclusive Fleeting Look Loba banner pose. Read on for a comprehensive guide to the Way of the Wolf event, its challenges, and all the sweet loot you’ll unlock by completing them.