Apex Legends mobile players can now play Loba for free for a limited time

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.5: Hyperbeat has brought a ton of new content to Respawn’s mobile shooter, including a slew of in-game events that give players free rewards for participating. But a new event debuted today that breaks away from the usual “complete challenge, get loot” formula that most events tend to adhere to. This event doesn’t even have a name, and when it comes to rewards, there’s no holding game — you’ll have to return your “reward” when the event is over. It does, however, provide players with a unique, free (albeit temporary) opportunity to do something special: play as Loba, without having to purchase it.

Similar to an event last season that allowed players to take the Fade for a temporary test-drive without having to purchase it, this event gives players two days to take Loba for a spin without having to spend the 750 Syndicate Gold (about $7.50 USD) is required to unlock the character directly or purchase it with any legend fragments left over from previous seasons. If you’ve been thinking about giving Loba a try but are hesitant to spend money, now’s the perfect chance to meet the sneaky jewel thief — and see her skills up close.