All I want to do is put down tracks to help these trains get home in this great little puzzle game

Now I live for the winners choo choo which marks the end of a level in Railbound. Sometimes I figure it out in 30 seconds: on my first try I see how to lay some pieces of track to connect two wagons to the waiting locomotive in the right order and choo choo, we move on to the next puzzle. Sometimes this locomotive is a hard-earned reward for 10 minutes of crashing between my little carriages, drawing and erasing and drawing train tracks 50 times until I find just the right path.

I’ve only given up on one so far. Railbound is a cute and relaxing puzzle game at its core, elegantly teaching you new mechanics at the start of each set of levels. The desert introduces tunnels, the gates and switches that cross the beach, the forest lines that change direction when a train passes over a switch. Solving these is as thoughtful as looking out a train window and thinking “you know, maybe I’ll understand what life is all about.”

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