A huge nerf to one of Destiny 2’s most powerful exotics was left over from today’s patch notes

This fiery hat made players invincible… until today. (Image credit: Bungie)

Titan mains, maybe it’s time to hang up your favorite hat. After a hotfix was released to Destiny 2 earlier today, players started noticing that the Loreley Splendor Helm was no longer working as it did pre-patch. In fact, it appeared to have struck a major nerve. The text for the item’s primary benefit still reads: “When you take critical damage with full ability energy or when you cast a Barricade, create a sunspot at your location that has improved healing effects.”

Sunspots are like friendly fires that heal you and speed up ability regeneration. Previously, the Sunspots that Loreley cast when you took significant damage would grant Restoration x2. However, after the hotfix they only grant x1 Reset. As there was initially no mention of a balance change in the patch notes, many assumed this was either a stealth nerf by Bungie or a bug. As it turns out, this was an intended change that was just left out by accident.

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